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          Yet yesterday I was very cold in the airport "Petersburg" under snow of cold Russia. And now I stand on hot sand of pyramids. On the one hand from me - pyramid of Kheops, with other - Khefren. Both altitudes about in 140 meters reach. I am hit. I can not only understand than - greaty and activity of the person, bilding these hand made a mountain or greatest idiocy in a history? Not simpl idiocy, and piramidiocy.  Stone cover from pyramids is teared off (to break constructed - one more example idiocy). Explicitly hack-work - blocks is visible steep slots are cut out crookedly and obliquely, between them -. A Khefren pyramid  - on is especially roughly combined

          A few decades younger, than Kheops. My speculations are interrupted  by(with) the arab:
          - Mr, purchase souvenirs!
          On a tray at the arab - rough models of pyramids, made by bad masters, not having any ratioes to them egiptians, which have erected a little milleniums back these pyramids.
          - Go away,  -  I answered , - not interfer to my raised speculations.
     First derivated europian, which stood on the same place and saw a pyramid there was the father of a history Herodot (approximately 484 - 425 гг. Up to AD) Between him and the most ancient pyramids were approximately the same interval of time, as between us and   Herodot. The antiquity of pyramids horrifies and it difficultly to describe in customary for us terms. Here that wrote Herodot in "History":

          " Kheops got  the country in abyss of disasters(distresses)... He has forced all египтян to work on him. One were obliged to drag to Nyl huge pieces of stones from mines in Arabian mountains (through the river stones transported on the ships(spacecrafts)), and other it was ordered to drag them further up to so-called Libia  mountains. Hundred thousands of the people executed this operation continuously, being replaced each three months. Ten years were necessary  to the tired people to build a road, on which dragged these immovable bricks - operation hardly whether not so huge, as well as construction of the  pyramid. The whole road was five stages of length (900 meters), width 10 orgy (18 meters), in the highest place 8 orgy (15 meters) altitude,
Is constructed from тесаных of stones with cut on them by figures. Ten years construction of this road and underground cabins on a hill proceeded, where pyramids cost. In these покоях Хеопс has arranged tumb on an island, by conducting on a mountain by nyles  channel. The facility of  the pyramid proceeded 20 years. It the four-indirect, each side of its width 8 fewr (240 м) and same altitude, is combined from  carefully complicated the friend to the friend of stones ".

          Here so precisely and explanatory . wrote this scientist, living two with two halves back! Well to study at him some modern bad writers.

          At one time inside pyramids lied dried pharaons, i.e. mummy. However, them very quickly turned away. Obviously, it has taken place in read out years after bury. Certainly, pyramid thiefes interested not mummy, and accompaning of its treasure, which were sent together with pharaon in travel on   other world. As its existence and then was subjected to a defined doupt, the robbers have preferred to return treasures in this world. Who were these robbers - to tell difficultly, but to assume it is possible. Is known papirus about criminal case of such sort. In a robbery have appeared involved most important the officers. Is not eliminated, that consequent pharaons plundered previous. The confirmations this are not present, but it would be in spirit king of all epoch. Some ideas about riches buryng of egyptian kings give stored(kept) in Cairo museum of treasure later tomb of Tutankhamonm ( a 1342 up to AD). Only gold sargophag is more than 200 kgs weighs! This largest product known to mankind from gold for the whole histories of jeweller art. And you see, Tutankhamon was one of the least significant(sizeable) egyptian kings, powered is absolutely short. Modern geneticses from the second medical institute (Moscow), by studying ancient papirus, have placed(installed), that Tutankhamon suffered by heavy hereditary illness - mukapolisakharidos . This illness  results in mental backwardness. But, obviously, for pharaon it was unimportant (as well as for many kings and presidents of epoch closer to us).

          Kheops was pharaon, living large life and bured with unprecedented magnificence. Herodot indicated, that egyptians enemied Kheops (egyptian name Khufu). Was for that! The whole national economy was subordinate to senseless construction! How many on loiter all for nothing tools it was possible to construct of habitation for ancient egiptians! Idiocy, primarily included in pyramids, lives centuries, generating the more and more new, more and more modern forms piramidocy.
Conditionally all their variety can be divided into two groups  practical and  theoretical. We shall begin from the theorists.

          Theoretical piramidiocy
          First historitian, circumscribing pyramids - Herodot - has managed not wrote in the transactionses about these magics of any nonsense. About its followers such to tell it is impossible. A term "piramidiocy" has entered in 1956 in the book " MOUNTAINS of PHARAONS "  historitians Kotrep. The term has appeared successful.

          The "Produced" discoveries, connected to pyramids (first of all, with most large, Kheops) were done in the most ancient times. Roman historitian July Honory in IV a century of our era has stated strong the judgement, that the pyramids were constructed by the ancient Jews. It was confused with the fact of absence of the mention about such construction in еврейских the chronicles, and as that the too obvious fact, that on territory Judea there is no  rather large architectural facility. Due to full paradoxity this version state alive up to XIX in. Can, it someone supported from political reasons?

          The known italian psychiatrist Cesar Lombroso (1835 - 1909) in an outcome of part dialogue with mental ill and prostitutions has made interesting "discovery" of a rather financial support of construction of a pyramid Kheops. In the book " the Woman - criminal andprostitution " he has declared, that the money to construction of a pyramid were earned by a daughter Kheops by prostitution. Such supposition looks completely ridiculously. In those times sexual service were in general paid very low - demand for them was insignificant. The woman had not yet time(was in time) emansipee, did not battle against sexual attamp and, in any case, valid husbands did not refuse. The historical chronicles were saved ценники on similar services - by them managed not more dear(more expensive) circles fault. The supposition Lombroso is only deformed transmission of a legend,
Recorded Herodot:

          " Kheops has eventually reached up to such shame, that requiring in money, has sent an own daughter in the public house and has ordered to it(her) to extract some of money - how many just, ministry, however, did not speak. A daughter has executed fatherly direction, but has conceived and self most to leave a monument: at each visitor she asked  at least one stone for facility tomb. From these stones, on words ministries and is constructed average of three pyramids, that cost before a great pyramid ".

          Herodot, being serious scientist, subjected to a doupt authenticity of this message. Most likely, the matter are so. Kheops has entered additional "piramid" tax on public at home, and daughter a headlight she monitored(tracked) by its well-timed payment.

          Strange treatment of an essence of pyramids has offered doubtful philisophies-wooman Helen Ghan, published under russian prince  surname Blavatska, on which she had not any rights. However, the ideas of the books written to her, most likely, belonged a Henry Olkott - it lasses and colleg, one of most gloomy reactionary politic of end XIX, preacher " to universal religion ". We shall quote the book of Blavatska " Striped  Isida " (first issuing - 1888 year).

          " By exterior Forms the Great pyramid symbolizes principles, puted in the basis(fundamentals) of creation of a nature, simultaneously illustrating thus principles of geometry, mathematicians, astrology and astronomy. Inside it was a majestic temple, in shady angles of which sacraments " were made.

          In other book - " the Secret doctrine " of Blavatska adds to this bosh: " Devoted do not wish, that the knowledges these were too spreaded on light ". As they were not spreaded and now, it is necessary to accept, that these knowledges were not in general.

          Produced piramidiot, generating there are enough followers and imitators, there was the British astronomer XIX in. Charles Smith. A 1864 he has issued the book with a characteristic title " our fate in a great pyramid ". Under great it is meant Kheops, remaining Smith did not in general interest. He has placed(installed), that the pyramid is on a meridian, precisely dividing the Earth and I dry on two equal parts. Approximately it so. It is possible to add, that on the same meridian there are the cities Odessa, St.-Petersburg, which founded(established), being not attached to reasons of global geography. Smith has shown, that the perimeter of a pyramid, divided into double altitude, is equal to number "pi". It not absolutely so. Besides for a line of the basis so curves what to speak about exact values of length it it is impossible. Altitude Pyramids, expressed in inches and multiplied on 9/10, ostensibly, corresponds(meets) to distance in miles from the Earth up to the Sun (at first, it not so, secondly, and here measures of length XIX centuries?) the Operation on detection numerical мистики in pyramids was continued by(with) such pceudo-scientists, as A.Yarolimen from Austria, M. Kotsworth from England etc. Here that they have placed(installed): " the Great pyramid was " a solar calendar ", for by the shadow Showed seasons, months, weeks and days ". Has appeared, that the side of a pyramid, expressed among " of egyptian elbows " (a unit of measurement, existence of which is not confirmed by anybody from egiptologist) is equal to 365 540 907 777 units, that precisely corresponds(meets) to length of a solar year in milliard long of days. Has appeared, that weight of pyramids Kheops, Khefren and Menkaura are in the same proportion as weights of the Earth, Venus and Mars. To argue on this problem is useless though because weight of pyramids is not precisely defined. The stones in pyramids, contrary to the statements(confirmation) pseudohystoritians, are customized very roughly, and inside are simpl thrown out of the pattern. Here a few more citations from similar transactionses: " In a pyramid there is the factor of offset, with the help of which can be calculated all, that want, which appears in such a manner that the human brain is not resolutely capable it to present " (D. Dawidson, Great Britain).

           " Corridors and the cameras of a Great Pyramid confirm prophecies of old times about misterious the schedule of centuries " (D.Edgar, M.Edgar, Great Britain).
     Desiring can in more detail be acquainted with these transactionses and their analysis in a brilliant research Vojtech Zamarovsky - Polish historitian and journalist,  living in Czechia (Their Majestry of a Pyramid, М., Science, 1981).

        And here one more image of a pyramid, inhering already not to the scientist, and person of art N.Gumilev. This rather mediocre and uneducated poet has become famous due to tragical fate, which it(he), certainly, has not deserved, and as long and senseless prohibition of issuing it poems.

This look favourable Isida
Or light of rising moon?
But keep in minde, pyramids grow
In front of you are black and are terrible.

On gray-haired from a glue them steps
To spend the night arrive(fly) eagls,
And in depthes sleep corpses,
Unfamiliar with destruction in shedules

        How many bosh in several strings(lines)! At first, pyramid not black, and grey. Secondly, on them never was of a glue. In this climate it basically cannot appear. Thirdly, any corpses in pyramids are not present already a little milleniums. That  to have eyes and to not see it was peculiar to the people - and not only poets - in all times.
        We shall now quote some our contemporaries. Erick von Deniken - waiter, arheologist-fan and brilliant populal author from Switzerland. For a today's day it is carrying on supporter of idea paleocontacts. The essence of idea is, that in immemorial times on the Earth representatives of other, more developed civilizations arrived(flied) and have affected a course of an earth history. The ancient legends, the architectural facilities have arisen under influence these paleocontacts. For the first time this idea
In rather systematized sort was expressed in the beginning of 60's of our century by the soviet scientists Зайцевым, Агрестом, Зигелем. The main supporter "untwisting" this idea for the world has become  vigorous Erick von Deniken. Here that he writes (Memory about future, С-Пб, Russian Geographical society(community), 1992, seconds 66 - 67):

         " The Pyramid not only divides continents and oceans on two equal parts. It is located, besides in a barycentre of continents! If the marked here facts are not casual - and in it is unusual difficultly to check - a place of construction was defined by entities, which had exact knowledges of the rather spherical form of the Earth both allocation of oceans and seas... As well as with the help of that prepaired from
mines large blocks? With acute corners and smooth lateral areas? How them transported and with cross-section accuracy customized the friend to the friend? The whole set of explanations is again offered on the choice: the inclined planes, sandy road, on which were moved with stones, wood, platform... And, certainly, transactions of many thousands egyptian ants:  peasants, handicraftsmen...
        Any of these explanations does not maintain critical consideration. The great pyramid is (and remains?) testimony until now not goted engineering. Nowadays, in ХХ century any architect, even if in its instruction there were the technical aids of all continents - could not reproduce a pyramid Kheops! "
        The reasonings of Deniken are interesting, but are absurd. The engineering solutions, included in a pyramid - are primitive. The form it is the most simpl and steady. At the moment to bild a pyramid solid building organization can any . The mankind knows considerably large facilities. In Egypt is Aswan plote, which is much more than any pyramid. The skyscrapers of modern Cairo in the collection exceed pyramids and on the sizes and on an amount loiter stones. There would be the sponsor, off-the shelf to pay construction pyramids, and from the performers  will not be, especially now, during a global economic crisis.
     To the point, most large монолит, known in world(global) architecture is not in Egypt, and in St.-Petersburg. It is Alexandr column, weight of an immovable part of which - 650 tons. It was will erect on Palace square in a middle of the last century. The collective of the talented scientists and engineers, headed О. Monferran, has developed the circuit(scheme) of its rise(ascent) extremely with the help of of wooden woods and мышечной of force.
Electricity, pair(vapour,couple), then mankind on стройках not yet applied.
     The defined contribution to creation пирамидных of the myths has introduced and such dear scientist, as T.Heyerdal. He was the active supporter of a hypothesis of multiple contacts between a zone of Meditterranean and New light in before Columb times (Т. Heyerdal, Adventure of one theory,L, Hydrometeoizdat 1969). In the constructions it(he) leans, in particular(personally), on data on learning distribution of cultural plants. Batate, kokos a nut, bottle pumpkin, banana, cotoon have by an origin Europe and Africa. According to the theory of the Russian scientific academician N.I.Vavilov, the center of an origin at a cultural plant can be only one. Heyerdal results set of the testimonies of existence of these plants in America and Polinesia long before Columb. From self I can add following.
On antique frescos are available relating by the first century of our era of the image of typical american plants - Sunflower and corn. The copies of these frescos are stored(kept) in the convention State Hermotage. So the contacts between meditterranean and America could be and B.C.. This possibility opens a large field for scientific and pceudo-scientific activity.
        As is known, american indians long before Columb built in quality tumbs for the leaders of a pyramid - less giant, than egyptian, but nevertheless rather solid. Such pyramids are on territory of modern Mexico, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia. Largest of them has square of the basis 540 on 540 м, covering twice large square, than pyramid Kheops or Khefren. But in altitude american
tombs 54 meters reach only, i.e. on 100 meters is lower egyptian. Accordingly, american it is less and on size. The round Heyerdal has seen in a likeness of pyramids of different parts of light cultural eligibility of the peoples of Egypt and America (" From Kon-Tiky up to
Ра " - М., Knowledge, 1971). As a link it(he) has offered папирусную a boat, on which, ostensibly, egyptian sailors could in immemorial times reach shores of America and to bring there experience of construction of pyramids. The ideas about eligibility african and american pyramids were stated and earlier. However, Heyerdal was first, who has put more or the less correct research experiment - has tried to reproduce such navigation on папирусной to a boat " Rа ", made on a process engineering, which Heyerdal compared with ancient egiptian. The travel was completed by failure. In 1969 the ship(spacecraft), started from Nyle, could not reach shores of America and was disorganized on a completing part of path. However, already in a year not desponding Heyerdal has repeated attempt on an a little bit inproved vessel " Rа-2 ", and this time the way was goted. What has proved it voyage? Almost of an anything. The most logical reasons has formulated Zamarovsky (Them Majestry of a pyramid, Science, М.,1981, page 395):
     " Despite many vaguenesses in chronology before Columb  America, does not call(causes) a doupt, that their  pyramid in matching with egyptian are very young. Most ancient pyramids in neighbourhoods of capital of Mexico, especially in Teotochuokane,Kuikuilko, Tule, Chupupe, are considered. Specialists on american hystory have not until now come to a goodness of fit in dispute on their dating. One attribute them by the first centuries our age, other - by the last centuries up to our epoche and as the nearest temporary boundary result a beginning 3 centuries up to AD. The most ancient pyramids on territory Guatemala, i.e. pyramid in Miraflorece and Vashaktune, with sufficient reliability dating 1 - 4 centuries AD. Most old gonduras pyramid in Kopane - end 2 centuries AD. Pyramids have begun to be under construction in America after an about thousand
Years after them have ceased to build in Egypt. Between the first egyptian and first american pyramid lies temporary to disappear more than in 2 000 years. So, the speech goes first of all about "bridge", spaned not only through ocean, but also through millenium. If egiptian have got in America when they yet built pyramids, why a thousand of years should pass, before they managed to induce the local inhabitants
Too to build pyramids? That they have not got in America in the last centuries B.C. we know almost authentically: it already was the epoch Ptolemey, from times of which so much documents were saved, that the message and similar navigation could not remain a unknown. "

        However, Т.Heyerdal and has not become to insist on the egyptian radicals of american pyramids. Being real the large scientist,he has not allowed self to take a great interest piramidiocy and in the consequent operations confirmed, that of confirmations of existence of links between ancient Egypt and cultures inqu and atstek it(he) has not received.
        And here examples more лихих of hypothesises. In September 1997 " the Magazine American антропологического of research fund " has printed the article L.Hunter and М. Аrbuthnot, where was proved, that the pyramids were under construction in 2 stages (phases). 12 - 13 thousands of years back on a place of Egypt, under the judgement these изыскателей, there was the developed civilization,
Which built мегалитические of facility. Subsequently this civilization has disappeared. To a moment of origin of Egypt - 5 thousands of years back - from it(her) have remained only the bases мегалитических of facilities. On the these -  bases and pyramids were constructed, under the judgement Hunter and Аrbuthnot,.

        Any confirmations it is to a hypothesis is not present. I have personally examined a few pyramids and absolutely any distinctions (differences) in a construction of the base and a top has not detected. Have not detected them and professional egiptologists. When I on returning have transmitted in America е-mail with these reasons, Arbuthnot has called me most piramidiot and was threatened during the following share trip to Egypt (whether is held such?) point me by a face in stones, belonging  culture before Egypt. To concern to  such a hypothesis  - no less than to other  uneducated to ideas from area piramidiotism - some sensible grain they contain. Science cannot answer a problem, as the civilization, hardly appeared on light 5 000 years back, at once has become to build мегалитические of facility. For this purpose it is necessary to have a developed process engineering, experience of organization of large weights of the people, complex(difficult) state device. How all this could appear on an empty place? Surprised one more circumstance, on which not I first, I last have paid attention in Cairo museum. The most accomplished(perfect) products of a sculpture belong Not Average and Not New, and Ancient empire of Egypt. Faces of immovable statues, skillful executed 4.5 - 5 thousands of years back, seem surprised beautiful and perfect. When the egyptian foremans had time(was in time) to this to be learned? The great-grandfathers them if to trust official dating, lived yet in period neolith. On this problem of the answer is not present. Therefore the existence before Egypt of a civilization though is not proved, but cannot be and rejected.

        Interesting piramidioticy reason the contributor, never wisiting Africa petersburg scientist A.F.Chernov (Large sphinx - sign of tragedy, Moscow. International Academy of an informatization,1997):
" Under the analysis of a complex of pyramids in Gise it is possible with some determinancy (well, that though with some - В.С.) to tell: the Preparation of a underlay of the basis of pyramids and creation large sphinx was conducted about 13 000 years back. The point of autumnal equinox ught(passed) in that time from constellation of Pisces in constellation Waterman and, probably, this transition and has defined(determined) era of the previous winter of a human society(community). The point of vernal equinox in the same period ught(passed) from constellation a Virgo in constellation Lion and, probably, this period in simbolic to the form has served as a pre-image Large  Sphinx. It was cut on crytical a stage(phase) - head on east. I.e. there, where in 13 000 years new transition, but already points of autumnal equinox from constellation a Virgo in constellation Lion will happen. The cycle of a procession will be completed and this completion will be for mankind same difficult and was unimaginably dangerous, as well as previous, entailing for self loss Atlantida...
The figure Sphinx, connecting in self two zodiacal epoch, symbolizes any global change of the person, probably,any discarding it to barbarity, kind transformation of the person in an animal. (Can there is to sort the substitution prevalence of the person reasonable on prevalence of the snow person - ecology-developmental model, which I lost in the operations - В.С.).
 Is familiar tragedy cost in Egypt Large Sphinx and Pyramid ".

        Piramidiocy to make comments difficultly. In any times there were the prophets, predicting end to mankind, while that these prognosises time did not come true. The existence Atlantida is not proved. Unique(sole) actual astronomical knowledge, which is visible in pyramids is, that oriented on the sides of light they, really, are very exact.

        There is yet the set of the theories purely "piramidiocy". One my familiar american мыслитель has placed(installed), that the layout of pyramids precisely corresponds(meets) one of sites of the sidereal sky. One theorist from city Balashikha(near Moscow), never wisiting Egypt, all life wrote the book that pyramids strictly speaking, not pyramids, and hills impose by stones. One more Moscow theorist in the operations declares, that the pyramids are constructed from concrete. A defined sort the experimenters prove, that the form of a pyramid (actually, selected from(because of) the simplicity) has, ostensibly surprising properties. In paper to a pyramid meat, self-reparaiting raizor of an edge does not decay. The person, ostensibly, being in a building piramid the form, feels self especially well. All this contradicts not only sensible sense, but also experiment.
I such experiments to conduct was not too lazy. I offer(suggest) it to make to the interested reader.

        It was necessary to me to converse with some authoritative scientists (truth, by no means not egoptologists), which on full  asserted(approved), that stones for construction of pyramids egiptians moved by air by a method of telekineze.

        The list of similar ideas piramidiocy can be continued. It is possible, but it is not necessary. We shall pass better to depth sources piramidiocy. The nonsenses in a treatment of these facilities go from nonsense those, who them built.

     Practical piramidiocy

        First piramidiots were pharaon Joser , customer of the first pyramid, and performer of operations, palace architect Imkhotep. They lived twenty ninth centuries B.C..
Their images were saved. Pharaon Joser, really, brushed away on fool. About its architect such to tell it is impossible. He worked for large money and for him personally the construction of a pyramid completely was not senseless. Its scientific transactionses in different areas natural hystory are known. He has become famous and as great doctor. In Greek legends of the founder to medicine Asklepy is explicit of sort eligibility with some details of an image Imkhotep. He should be accompanied muster, to be estimated piramidiot, to have possibilities of creative self-implementation.

        The largest pyramid in four centuries has constructed Kheops. Almost same its son Khefren has erected. The images Khefren(Khafr) are available. It is considered, that its face is embodied in large Sphinx. In this face are vizible negro feature and tags of brain sick.

        We few know about activity of pharaons, but the names them due to magnificent tombs in a history have come. Just with this objective of a pyramid and were under construction. B.Prus - the Polish writer asserts(approves): " It is not Kheops tomb, it is will of Kheops ". Here a writer is right. First of all pharaon it was necessary to show, that its will can force thousands of the people to do(make) any, let even the most senseless operation. The authority at фараона on it are enough. Besides with him(it) illusory hope on immortality moved. The death is stronger any, most strong host. And regulary fool kings again and again throw to it(her) senseless call. Pharaons considered(counted), that than more impressive tomb, than more reliably more chances on immortality are hidden mummy - that. And let these chances are illusory - but why not to try? Under construction -  not pharaon, and people. In that to it(him) construction - has done without it is possible about to estimate, being based on data Herodot а concerning to construction of a Kheops pyramid . 5 - 10 thousands of the highly skilled experts worked here constantly, " receiving good reward ". Which just - is not registered. Yet 100 000 person were attracted for 3 months a year in period between agricultural operations in the voluntary - forced order. Money did not there pay, but fed.
About as hired frames for operation on fields and   in our country at communist. The slaves on constructing of pyramids did not work. The slaves  worked only in mines. Basically, the egyptian society(community) was not slave- owning system. Such a system, invented K. Marx, in a history of the Earth was not in general. The slaves, certainly, existed and exist until now. But their transactions is so ineffective, that it(he) cannot supply(ensure) existence of the state. The main productive force in Egypt was made by(with) rather free peasants.

        Certainly, the construction of a pyramid destroyed an egyptian society(community). It is possible to check Геродоту, wroting, that ancient egiptians enemied Kheops  and Khefren and " therefore have thrown out them mummy from tombs ". The senseless construction braked development of social programs. It has sped up crash of an egyptian society(community), just as the magnificent cathedrals of period Renessance have braked development reviving the ambassador Middle Ages of Italy. It is known, that after construction of the last large pyramid
the egyptian society was for a long time immersed in darkness of civil wars.

        At the same time the pyramids, certainly, had and positive value. They decided a problem of employment of the population. They were the locomotive of development of the country. For the sake of pyramids mademines, built roads, completed new technological solutions, which hereinafter found application at creation of more useful facilities. Being a rod of a national economy, the pyramids, actually, executed the same functions, that now a military-industrial complex. But the pyramids were all the same less
ruinous for a society(community), than modern rapid motion of arms. Besides they did not shoot and the people did not kill.

        Among pyramids plato Gise the rather small sizes has the pyramid pharaon Menkaura (on greece - Mokerin). It in altitude was " only " 66 meters. Modern altitude with losed by an apex - 62 m.
Under the testimony Herodot, to this pharaon the people concerned more favourable, than to its predecessors. Its pyramid has required more moderate costs, than tumbs by Kheops and  Khefren. Probably, Menkaura the people the excessive tax did not burden. The special respect it, did not too call(caused). According to the texts ancient папирусов, this pharaon very loved to drink vine and was betraid by drinking in the afternoon and at night.

        The building groups, working on pyramids, had the titles - mottos, as " the Ideas Kheops call us on feats ". One of bilding troop had proud a name " Menkaura - drunkard ". Egyptologists assert, that the translation is exact. Obviously, if the speech went about pharaon, any its characteristic was considered as raised. Well, if the tradition to embody  in a history of the leaders with their brief and main - objective characteristics has found a prolongation today. Probably, will be very healthy, if, we shall tell russian fleet the" Drunkard Eltsin ", " Fool Breznev ", " Paranoik  Stalin", " Paralitic Lenin ", " Stupid Nikolay II " etc will be enlarged by the ships(spacecrafts) with such proud titles as ". Such titles, appropriate to spirit of Publicity, would at once increase battle(dashing) spirit our sailors.

        Application piramidiocy last during an Ancient empire of Egypt and eventually has finished it before crash. In an Average empire piramidiocy proceeded in a little bit softened sort. Pyramids continued to build, but smaller sizes, of a less durable material - bricks. The majority of these pyramids was not saved. But piramidiocy has appeared surprised fail-safe, as in application, and theoretical aspects. We wrote about pyramids of America, which, certainly, destroyed local
Society and eventually have resulted it in full crash.

        I remember, being in Rome, withdrawal from gates of Vatican, I have appeared before a pyramid, so similar on egyptian, what there was the problem(!on) - whether has not moved I through space from Rome in Cairo? Is not present, magics, certainly, was not. Simpl I have beheld a monument the most well saved up to our days of antique Rome. Was constructed on an egyptian sample mausoley Roman ambassador in Egypt Gai Cesty. Fouded this  the pyramid for a few years prior to the beginning christian era and has altitude of 36.4 meters, that allows it(her) not to be mislaid among magnificent cathedrals of Rome - eternal city and absolutely young in comparison with egyptian pyramids.

        One more example application piramidiotism I observed in Paris. A few years back on solution мэрии of this great and perfect city a glass pyramid have constructed in a court yard Louvre, spoiling this remarkable monument of architecture.

        Practical piramidiotism has found incarnation and in our country in soviet years. After  Lenin death Stalin with the colleagues has become urgently to invent new religion. Collected from a believer of the world on нитке. From a christianity have taken idea sacred Three - Lenin-Marx-Engels and immortality of soul (Lenin always live). From Buddha - reinkarnation of souls (Stalin  - it is Lenin  today). From Egypt have taken idea of a pyramid as accomulator of dried pharaon . On highest direction the architect Tcusev has erected on Red square rather beautiful mausoley as a reduced copy of a  Joser pyramid . As is known, ancient egiplians did not transform mummy into the object of worship or looking. On quite clear rthical a reason the dead body at them became sacrament. Kommunists have made differently(otherwise). By impregnating Lenin by a paraffin and actually by making not mummy, and waxen person, they have exposed it for show, missing the foundations both christian and egyptian religion.

        However, will be enough to write about idiocy of kings and near scientists. We shall talk about more honour  people.

        Tupolev - 154 bears me above Nyle. Below - narrow green bar among infinite desert. With 10 of kilometer altitude it is good seen of a pyramid. Here three small squares - of a pyramid Gise. Hardly to the south - two small squares is a complex Zivet-el-Erian. Much to the south - pyramid Sakkara.

        How many transactions it was necessary to insert to the egyptian builders, to create facilities, perfectly visible with such altitude! Same peasant there were enough forces to treat each клочок of a delta Нила. This ground was proccessed 5 thousands of years, treat it and now. In an Ancient empire it(she) fed 2 - 3 million person. Now feeds 60 million, and - what there cried of policy and  pseudoscientists about agrarian, ecological and demographic crises - any tags of famine in Egypt not noticeably. I look and surprised - which inexhaustible natural and human reserves are stored(kept) in self this severe,  dried by a god Ра by(with) ground.
                             Valentin Sapunov


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