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12.03.2012 г.

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The largest discÓvery of the XX-th century on the physicist of space under the general name




   −En attendant is not present. Meanwhile in last year's performance of our president at session of the summit of the United Nations about the purposes of development of the future millenium serious concern in a present condition of a life of people in the separate countries and interstate relations, especially the countries - neighbours has sounded. He mentioned thereupon, in particular, a situation in Afghanistan and in the south of Kirghizia. To this type mutual relations between Israel and Egypt, and as he has noted belong certainly, similar anxieties are felt in the USA, the countries of NATO, Russia, i.e. in the countries of the world community most responsible for the world. We well know about existence along with social also ecological, energetic and other problems of mankind.

   The fact of aspiration of the countries among themselves to friendship and the cooperation, especially appreciable at the international exhibitions in the relation to our country is encouraging, but it would be desirable, that fastened partnership were not fleeting, passing, passive.

   It is impossible to ignore insufficient usefulness of existing conditions even in the countries which have been vitally well provided which to very few people are appreciable. Entering a new stage of civilised development, it is important to take a correct course right at the beginning, i.e. such which could consult successfully with every possible universal illnesses of the modern world.

   The existing natural sciences represent agglomerate of the knowledge poorly fastened among themselves. The reason of powerlessness of a modern science to explain many puzzles of the nature both on the Earth, and behind its limits, is, on my firm belief, absence of the general supervising theory which is simple and without special pressure could operate development of all natural sciences and solve various vital problems of mankind (1,20). Such directing scientific force till today, unfortunately was absent.

   The developed theory of space and the Earth has appeared capable not only to answer any questions of global character, but also to interfere, in some cases, with their nature in interests of a society (7,8,11). The new fundamental theory, is ready to incur responsibility to declare, that the nature of the Earth it is possible is artificial to operate, change it if necessary precisely how scientists find optimum modes of works of the cars invented by them and mechanisms (17,22,26).

   The matter is that the modern science while is far from correct understanding of the nature of processes not only in space, but also on the Earth. Present article urged to pay steadfast attention not only societies, but also all scientists to a condition of a modern science. Short consideration of these questions can be divided into three parts concerning the Sun, the Earth and, strangely enough, to the human factor.


   Speaking about the Sun it is necessary to tell, that scientists approximately from the middle XVII in have started to guess, that natural processes on the Earth processes on the Sun operate, but these processes definitively are not deciphered till now. The first generalisation on solar-terrestrial communications has been made by known Russian scientist Alexander Leonidovichem Chizhevsky in its book «Terrestrial echo of solar storms».

   That the dear reader could present itself degree of a level of scrutiny of a question we pay attention, that by Chizhevsky of all is used 391 sources published within 1656-1937 in Russian, German, French and English languages.

   In these sources the facts specifying in increase on the Earth of magnetic storms, earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes, atmospheric cyclones and storms, level of subsoil waters, growth rates of trees, efficiency of fishery, efficiency of some grain, intensity of birth rate and growth rate both at people, and at pets with strengthening of solar activity (SA) are mentioned. Besides, these years epidemics of a cholera, a plague, a various typhus, a flu, psycho-neurologic and cardiovascular diseases rage; the quantity of death rate, suicides and appreciable increase of technogenic accidents that has important value in new technicalized a century increases.

   All it was known before our researches. But use of these laws for improvement of a life of people rested on mechanism SA ignorance. By position SA existing in a world science is born in the Sun and it while it is impossible to predict.

   The author of the present lines in 1975 after book perusal of Energy Alexandrovich Novikov «the Planet of riddles» has been literally shocked by such set of unresolved problems. Then the decision was accepted to try sometime in future to return to this question.

   Searches of the nature of terrestrial magnetism in 1983 and a meeting with representatives of scientists of this direction have forced the author to fall outside the limits the Earth and have led to accumulation of a large quantity of the facts which have formed base for a writing of some brochures and books in Russian and Uzbek languages under the general name «Bases of cosmology and theories of the Earth».

   It has appeared, that all riddles mentioned in book of Novikov is solvable. For this reason our researches have appeared so fruitful.    

   Careful check of bases of modern physics of space has resulted along with others "riddle"  (2,14) to the decision and this problem, i.e. a problem of solar-terrestrial processes. As a result of it there was the theory of space named the author «exogenetic theory of motive forces of the nature» since is full contrast of existing representation about intrasolar nature of SA and asserts, that it arises for the account of the forces which are out of the Sun. It − gravitational and electromagnetic forces of the Sun and the planets, filling space, which balance constantly varies, since all of them are in movement.

   Action of gravitational forces consists that planets are as though hung up on the Sun and it at the axial rotation is compelled to drag all system on itself (5,21). Because of it the structure of Solar system, as well as small planetno-satellite systems has archimedospiralic picture which power lines press a solar surface just as the spider envelops the victim by spiders web.

   This mechanism of gravitational interaction of heavenly bodies aloud changes the law of universal gravitation of Newton and asserts, that drawing force possess only heavy bodies rapidly rotated (28).

   Action of electromagnetic forces reminds interaction of electromagnetic fields stator and a rotor in a car starter. It has been established, that Sun and Earth magnetic fields mutually make a start, that at approach of the Earth to perihelion (i.e. is closer to the Sun) its magnetic field presses on the Sun surface. And as SA represents boiling of its surface this pressure is natural suppresses boiling process precisely how atmospheric pressure influences boiling water (30,31).

   Thus, on force and capacity of overwhelming influence on SA five heavenly bodies were designated on duration of the period of orbital movement: Comet of Galley (because of sharp elongation of an orbit), Jupiter (because of the big size of a magnetic field), the Earth (because of presence enough the strong and excentric magnetic field differing between east and western hemispheres), Mercury (because of affinity to the Sun and double − both gravitational, and electromagnetic influence) and the Moon (because of a screen version of a magnetic field of the Earth at the orbital movement round the Earth).

   Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranium, the Neptune, Pluton absolutely or nearly so do not render influence on SA for the various reasons specified in corresponding our publications.

   As, as shown Chizhevsky, SA leads to diverse changes of the nature which sometimes favour to mankind, and sometimes generate general planetary disasters, and prediction of SA was a unique obstacle to use of effect of solar-terrestrial communications with advantage for mankind now, knowing co-ordinates of everyone mentioned above a heavenly body, began possible to calculate corresponding activity of the Sun under the developed tables, gradually passing from Comet of Galley to the Moon, and knowing everyday activity it will be easy to define by averaging the expected figure for any calendar period at will of consumers.

   The way of forecasting of SA invented by the author, judging by last notice (33) has passed demanded examinations and after certain term to me the patent will be granted. But in 1992 the way of forecasting of monthly average indicators of SA has been introduced for health protection of the personnel and the prevention of breakdown susceptibility of cars and mechanisms of a heating system of Moscow (15) about what there is a certificate and the inquiry on introduction. And the present technique allows to predict everyday indicators and puts last end on the decision of this universal and centuries-old problem.

   The author is assured, that new exogenetic theory will inevitably gain confidence of representatives of various trades and a life on the Earth henceforth will be to be improved with the accelerated rates in interests of mankind since we will know when and where to make those or other our efforts.

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To information specialist, interested solar activity: Average monthly numbers of Volf are expected

on east hemisphere for October W=83, for November W=74, for December W=85; same on west hemisphere 70, 62, 72.

M.H. Tursunov, 16.10.2012.

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