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                        I am sending you a formal proposal to establish - International flag of democracy!
                        The proposal is set out below - in English and Russian.                                      
                                          I ask you to support the proposal.
                        Yours faithfully.
                        Vladimir Garmatyuk.
                        Russia, Vologda


International flag of democracy

          The information space is expanding every day, self-consciousness of human society is growing. The man thinks more about the essence of a just society, democracy, seeking solutions to problems. This is evidenced by the political events that are taking place all over the world.

          September 15, 2007 the UN General Assembly established the International Day of Democracy (International Day of Democracy). UN invited the world community to adopt a new holiday and pay attention to the state of democracy in the world and in their own countries. In 1886, New York, the statue of "Liberty", a symbol of democracy in the United States.
          But, still the world's no universal symbol, uniting the democratic state. Those could be - the International flag of democracy. The flag will further strengthen the position of democracy in the world.

          The states, the parties, the companies have their own individual flag and the flag of democracy have still not. How should it be? What are the main characterizing features a democracy?
          Let's think about it together.
          First, we know that democracy - it's democracy. This implies that decisions are made collectively with equal possibilities to influence the outcome.
          Without going into details, it follows from this that democracy represents the interests of not just one of a group of population, political parties, nationality, or even one state, but has a more general significance for the global community.
          Democracy can not keep people apart, it can not be isolated, a national, sovereign, there can be multiple, as an infinite number of false imitations.
          Democracy - have one! And, it should combine the interests of different people.

          For example, sunlight - one color, but if it is expanded, you get a wide range. Although the colors in the spectrum of different, but they are equal and none of them does not conflict for supremacy, but all together combined into a whole. Such a principle of existence - a peaceful unity of many different opinions, and embodies democracy.

          Offered to the United Nations version of the International flag of democracy.
          - Tri-color flag consists of three horizontal stripes. Golden yellow - the symbol of perfection, the sky-blue - a symbol of purity and justice, green - a symbol of the land to its unselfish wealth. In the center, half the size of the width of the flag, put the globe, surrounded by a rainbow spectrum of habitat. On a globe in half its diameter white dove with an olive branch.
          State, proclaimed in a democracy and adhere to its principles, will be awarded at the UN this flag. In the following character-flag could unite democratic nations worldwide into a single space without boundaries.

          This material, please consider officially declared the proposal to establish an International flag - the symbol of democracy. The proposal aims at a system of UN organizations in New York, Geneva, Copenhagen, Turin, Tokyo, San Jose, and others. Please support the proposal.

Vladimir Garmatyuk
Russia, Vologda


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