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Magazine “The world of medicine” № 9-10 1998
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The modern development of the systemic-theoretical approach in psychosomatic medicine is connected with the transition from the mechanically deterministic model of thought (Darwin, Newton) to the systemic paradigm (Einstein). Discoveries, made during the last decade in many disciplines of science, bring us to re-examine the notions of reality and to the understanding that the general theory of relativity merely cracked open the door to the mysteries of space-time relationships.

Humanity is faced with the difficult task of reconciling the high level of technology (transplants, for instance), with a new world view and moral-ethical norms. This becomes especially critical when the question of life and death arises, and how to record the line between them.

We are presenting the reader with results of encephalographic research, which do not match the traditional notion of the functioning of the human organism. These results were achieved over a period of time from 1992 through 1995, in the ‘Jupiter’ laboratory in the neuro-surgical clinic of the S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy.

The authors hope that the results presented in the article will allow the reader to look differently at the remarkable attribute of our human body to regenerate itself and take care of us, as well as move the border beyond which lies the hopeless condition of death.


Lengthy encephalographic monitoring of patients with various pathologies is conducted while they are undergoing body-oriented therapy sessions.

Methods of working on the patient

The psychotherapeutic approach was developed based on the archetypal psychology of C.G. Jung, synergistic principals (nonlinear dynamics), and include various methods of body work, particularly Holistic Pulse Massage, as developed by T. Browning.

Body oriented therapy - a composite physical manipulation system, whose methodology is built on several techniques:

• exercises (to remove tension, improve one’s bearing, restoration of normal movement)
• various forms of massage, which enable deep physical and psychological relaxation
• psychological methodology, whose primary focus is not on interpreting problems, but to allow a re-living of conflicts and traumas.

Holistic Pulse Massage - the fundamental technique which consists of shaking and vibrating, which, in the opinion of it’s author, Tovi Browning(Australia), induces a resonance at all structural levels of the organism(down to the cellular level). Areas of “difficulty”, or of “blocking” of movements is interpreted as localized pathology, trauma.

Fundamental principals:

contrasts of “trauma, tension, rigidity, hardening, necrosis - life, softness, flexibility, elasticity, movement”;

correlation of extrapolation of physical blocks of the body with blocks of specific aspects of the personality.

Possessing powerful relaxation and self-regulating actions, the method is effective in treating various psychosomatic disturbances.

Method of recording the changes

Analyses of bioelectric activity of the brain were used during the investigations for use as objective indicators. EEG recording and analyses were conducted on a “Brain Surveyor”(Italy) computer encephalograph, with the aid of associated software programs.

The EEG registered monopolarly from 19 chloro-silver electrodes, placed on a “10-20” system. Ear electrodes were used to serve as neutral values. The spectral analyses of the EEG was done with the aid of an algorithm of fast Fourier transformation, with the computation of average values of the Spectral Output Density (SOD) in four standard bands: Delta(1-4hz), Theta(4-7hz), Alpha(7-12hz), Beta(12-31hz). The clinical condition of the patient was evaluated in parallel with the EEG recordings with the patient awake and alert, lying with eyes closed.

A lengthy(20-25min) background EEG recording was made at the beginning and at the end of the session. The EEG was registered in 30 second segments during all of the sessions. which was then continued during the duration of the healing treatment. At the end of the session, the patient was queried about how they felt and what sensations they experienced.

Results of the spectrum analyses of aggregate densities are shown in graph form in Fig. 1of the SOD, and in Fig’s 2-5 of the SOD’s of the standard range of frequencies, calculated in 30 second segments of successive periods. Work was conducted in three stages, with changes in types of treatment in each stage: First stage in the 20th-31stmin., 2nd stage in the 31st-41stmin., and the 3rd stage in the 41st -55thmin.



   1. We received totally unexpected results while conducting studies during the therapeutic sessions. Three lengthy periods of zero bioelectrical activity were recorded on all of the 19 points simultaneously. Retention of the SOD at the zero level in all ranges of frequencies studied for intervals of time, corresponding to 29-30.5min., 45.5-47min., and partially the 50th min.
   2. A noticeable increase in the strength of high quality rhythms and a lowering of intensity of low quality rhythms in response to healing activity and after the healing activity in relation to background values.
   3. Unidirectional characteristic of change of the SOD over time on all bands frequencies from the 23rd minute to the end of the session.
   4. A noticeable increase of the SOD before the “Zeroing” of the EEG signal, and after it.
   5. The absence of interhemispheric asymmetry in the high frequency band and the presence of a pronounced impulse mode in the delta band.
   6. The most pronounced change in the physiological activity of the brain appears at the transition point from the condition of alert rest to the condition of experience of the influence of the healing activity; at the stages of transition from one type of healing activity to another and during the transition from the active application of the methods to the aftermath stage.


The patients experienced strong emotional and physical feelings. While describing their condition during the sessions, patients frequently used such terms as: “protection”, “confidence”, “gap”, “loss of control of time”. Several patients had experiences of finding themselves out of their body, of movements in space, of unity with the Universe. After the sessions, patients experienced increases of life force energy, feelings of doom and fear disappeared, confidence in their own strength and process of healing emerged.

According to our view, the material presented reflected the process, called in contemporary science self-organization(self-regulation). This can be confirmed by the following:

1. A sharp decrease in the level of the spectral output density, the mathematically adapted equivalent of which exhibits the strange attractor( a new condition of system stability) with fractal dimensions of D=2.2.

2. Synchronization and impulse mode of SOD in the delta band, reflects the breaking down of the ongoing pathological patterns, formed in the brain and “un-blocking” certain areas of the body, determined in psychosomatic symptoms. Muscular contractions of the extremities of different frequencies and intensities are peripheral reflections of the process.

3. The absence of inter-hemisphere asymmetry is a sign of the blending of the conscious and unconscious spheres, and signals the possible receipt of essential information by the patient on the intuitive level for freeing blocked energy and selecting a more stable condition of the system.

4. An increase of SOD in the 7-12 and 12-31hz range, according to contemporary knowledge corresponds to higher physiological activity of the brain, emotional tension, focused attention, carrying out a new task requiring intellectual mobility; characterized by increased capacity of perceptible and processable information, great flexibility and mobility of the brain system.

5. These particular results are difficult to explain from the position of classical ideas, inasmuch as the absence of bio-electric activity of the brain for a long enough period of time appears as one of the indicators of brain death. In 1995, between January and April, we obtained over ten instances with the characteristic zero reading of the SOD signals. Not having any analogous data at our disposal, either from national or international literature, we suppose that the information recorded is new, and reflects one of the states of consciousness of human being, not previously recorded. It is not excluded that the presence of similar EEG patterns, which reflect processes of self-organization, appear as inseparable parts of ourselves, and that their neurophysiological correlates which characterize the condition of “death” accompany us for the duration of our lives.

6. A zero reading of the signal (zero line) during a protracted period is considered an indicator of braindeath in traditional medicine and is used as an indicator allowing the removal of organs for transplanting. The results presented in the article agree with the opinions of those researchers, who cast doubt on the reliability of the EEG, (at least in the frequency ranges up to 31hz), as the criteria of proof of irreversible changes of the human brain.

In this fashion, the results of our clinical observations have recorded a new functional condition of a human being, finding it’s neurophysiological expression in a unique EEG pattern. We feel that changes in the condition of a person in the course of psychotherapeutic sessions reflect the self-organizing process of the system, and demonstrates to us exceptional abilities of adaptation of the human organism, and the brain in particular.

The results of the clinical observations which are presented remind us once again of the fact that our internal reality is just as complex as the world which surrounds us.

Lena, age 4, was under our observation in connection with after-effects of asphyxiation, which she suffered as a result of drowning in warm water. According to the report of the parents, the child was under water for 15 minutes. After the little girl was taken out of the water, her mother(a registered nurse) applied artificial respiration of the lungs, and indirect massage of the heart. After a while, the girl began to breathe and cyanosis began to disappear. The girl was taken to a hospital by an ambulance, where the medical staff diagnosed the girl as brain-dead, on the basis of clinical evaluation and encephalographic observations. The parents insisted that resuscitation treatments be administered.

. Three months after being put into the maximum care ward (her condition became complicated by sepsis, or lack of aspiration, and for a month and a half artificial breathing had to be administered) the girl regained consciousness, and her basic reflexes began to return. At the present time she is attending school and taking additional remedial therapy.


Sex age Number Diagnosis

of sessions

F 4 3 After-effects of asphyxsiation(drowning)

M 19 3 Condition after removal of hematoma of

the left temple. Amnesia.

F 26 3 Bronchial asthma

M 39 3 Rheumatoid arthritis

F 44 3 Vegeto-vascular distonia

F 51 1 Observation

F 54 2 Hypertension, 2nd stage, di-encephalic

vegeto-vascular dystonia


Captions for figures 1-3

Fig. 1 Changes of the Spectral Output Density in time

Fig. 2 Changes of the Spectral Output Density in time (Alpha rhythm 7-12hz)

Fig. 3 Changes of the Spectral Output Density in time (Beta rhythm 12-31hz)

Fig 1-3. The results of one of many clinical observations of patient M, 54 yrs old. Clinical diagnosis: 2nd stage hypertension, artherosclerosis of the aorta and brain arteries, osteohondrosis of chest and neck sections of the spine, vertebral-basical incompetency, vegetovascular dystonia of the diencephalitis type.

On all graphs:

Axis X - Time in minutes; Axis Y - Spectral Output Density strength in mcV2

Axis Z - number of chlorosilver electrode sensors


Article reviewed by Andrei Leonidovich Karlov, doctor of neurophsiology.

The authors of the material presented in the article have recorded a new functional condition of a human being This condition has its neurophysiological correlation in a unique EEG pattern, a zero reading of bio-electric indicators of brain activity on all electrodes simultaneously, repeated three times during a body therapy session. In the opinion of the authors, they were able to display processes of self-organization (self-regulation) with the help of EEG recordings.

The results of the EEG investigations do not fit into the traditional conception of the functioning of the human organism to such a degree, that they can be interpreted either as artifacts or as a discovery, which significantly change our conceptions of the neurophysiological characteristics of the death of the brain and the adaptive abilities of the human organism. It is still early to make any type of final conclusions, first of all due to the limited number of people who were observed, and the absence of a control group (fairly healthy people, exposed to the methods, indicated in the article).

The interpretation of the absence of interpolar asymmetry as evidence of “the blending of conscious and unconscious spheres” is disputable.

Not totally understandable either is how the strong emotional feelings experienced by some patients during the sessions relates to the registered EEG patterns detected for the first time.

In any case, the results received can be of great scientific and practical interest, as they provide a strong stimulus for the development of new methods of recording changes of the brain.


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