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PhD in Physics
Medellin, Colombia

Twenty century was a crucial century for planet Earth. During these last hundred years natural and exact sciences took a gigantic leap forward. This scientific breakthrough caused a big progress in modern technology. A hundred years is a very short lapse of time, virtually a single lifetime, but during this short period of time science and technology can reach very far.

A hundred years ago, electricity hardly were present in our lives, it was the time of the beginning of motoring, flying, telephone systems, etc; but by the end of twenty century, not only earth flight but also space flight, satellite communications, organ’s transplant surgery, and the human genome studies were developed. Thanks to modern technology standard of living in developed countries has been significantly increased.

With every scientific discovery we take a step forward in understanding the working of the matter, but we must be aware that the more we learn the more we have yet to discover.

Science does not follow a straight path; what seems definite to us today, mathematically justified, tomorrow could be taken over by a bolder and more real idea. Scientific achievements and technological breakthroughs have placed earthly science on an unprecedented pedestal. In the mind of the twenty century human being prevails the idea that what is not approved by science and by mathematical calculations is not true. Most of the contemporary scientists are quite dogmatic; they do not realize that exact sciences could describe only material processes on our planet.

At the new particle accelerator which function in southern France, physicists are trying experimentally to confirm the Big Bang theory calculations, apparently ignoring that nor experiments, neither the more advanced mathematical calculations, can describe the emergence of the Universe, since the Universe is not mechanical or made only by the matter we know. Universe is made up of energies and substances which are yet unknown on our planet.

Urantia Book says: “The universe is neither mechanical nor magical; it is a creation of mind and a mechanism of law. The universe is mind planned, mind made, and mind administered. But the divine mechanism of the universe of universes is altogether too perfect for the scientific methods of the finite mind of man to discern even a trace of the dominance of the infinite mind. For this creating, controlling, and upholding mind is neither material mind nor creature mind; it is spirit-mind functioning on and from creator levels of divine reality.” p 482

In the Urantia Book papers an account is made of the initial emergence of matter, an assertion that has not a response in the calculations of the Bing Bang theory. Likewise, the Book describes the construction of the Universe in stages, the transformation of Paradise energy into matter, and the making up of space bodies out of nebulae.

Urantia Book papers describe the structure of the universe consisting of different cosmic levels. At the geographic center of the entire creation we have the Eternal Isle of Paradise, the most gigantic cosmic body of the Master Universe. Paradise is not spherical; unlike any other cosmic body, it is a flat ellipsoid. Paradise is a stationary isle out of time and space; because of this, its areas are absolute and useful for manifold purposes beyond mortal mind concept, p 118.

Fig. 1. The Isle of Paradise.

Paradise serves as a fundamental reference to fix geographical directions in the Universe: north, south, east, and west. The Central Isle is basically flat in shape, and is divided in three areas of activity: 1 Upper Paradise; 2 Peripheral Paradise; and 3 Nether Paradise, fig 1.

Upper Paradise is the abode of the Universal Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit. Peripheral Paradise is used, in part, as landing and dispatching field for transport supernaphins and other traversers. Also there can be found the seven transmission stations for certain Paradise energies to the seven superuniverses. The Isle is big enough to house Paradise activities incomprehensible to human mind, p 121.
Figure 1 depicts in a simplified form the Isle of Paradise; its dimensions remain unrevealed, so they are only indications of the real magnitude, the bigger diameter of ellipsoid being a sixth part greater than the smaller diameter thereof. The literal substance of Paradise is a homogeneous organization of space potency not to be found elsewhere in the entire universe. Such a substance is known as Absolutum. “This Paradise source material is neither dead nor alive; it is the original nonspiritual expression of the First Source and center; it is Paradise, and Paradise is without duplicate.” p 120

Nether Paradise generates a pure substance which after many transformations becomes Universe Power, the foundation of all cosmic matter. Mid-zone of nether Paradise acts as a gigantic heart whose beats head space energy streams toward the outer limits of physical space. All forms and phases of this energy travel throughout the universe along certain circuits, and return to Paradise through definite paths. Circulating period of this energy takes more than a billion years (109 years) of Urantia time.

The Isle of Paradise has a central gravity known as absolute gravity. Every space body and universe energy is under its grasp. Absolute gravity operates in the elliptic circuits of diverse space levels of universe creation. All cosmic realities and physical bodies move around Paradise, circulating along a big ellipse. Absolute gravity, or Paradise gravity, is unknown in our planet. Gravity known by earthly physics is called linear or local gravity. ”Local or linear gravity pertains to the electrical stage of energy or matter; it operates within the central, super-, and outer universes, wherever suitable materialization has taken place.” p. 125
 All around Paradise are three rings of seven spheres each, clockwise revolving. The first circuit of seven spheres belongs to Universal Father, the second to Eternal Son, and the third to Infinite Spirit.

Space originated beyond Paradise is divided in two parts: pervaded space and unpervaded space, fig 2. Pervaded space extends north-southward horizontally in relation to Paradise, and embraces all material universes and space energies. Pervaded space comprehends the Central Universe of Havona, the Seven Superuniverses, and four outer space levels. Unpervaded space extends east-westward vertically, it is not pervaded by any force or energy, nor by any matter, power or presence existing in pervaded
space, fig 2.
In attempting to imagine these space reservoirs volume outlines, you might think of an hourglass or maltese cross, fig 3.

fig.2. Pervaded space and unpervaded space
Pervaded and unpervaded spaces are in a constant respiration process. When universes in horizontal extension expand, vertical unpervaded space contracts, and vice versa. Expansion-contraction cycles last about two billion years (2 X 109 years), p. 123.

Pulsations in Nether Paradise, regulating space energy output and input, are synchronized with space expansion-contraction cycles. At this moment in time, pervaded space is approaching the mid-point of the expanding phase. The outermost limits of both space extensions are now approximately equidistant from Paradise. Figure 2 shows that there are other separating quiescent spaces between pervaded and unpervaded space.

Measurements made by the physicist Edwin Hubble in the year 1929 on galaxy withdrawal perhaps were observations of the pervaded space respiration.

Fig.3. Maltese cross

“The universe of universes is not an infinite plane, a boundless cube, nor a limitless circle; it certainly has dimensions. The laws of physical organization and administration prove conclusively that the whole vast aggregation of force-energy and matter-power functions ultimately as a space unit, as an organized and co-ordinated whole. The final proof of both a circular and delimited universe is afforded by the, to us, well-known fact that all forms of basic energy ever swing around the curved path of the space levels of the master universe in obedience to the incessant and absolute pull of Paradise gravity.” p 128

The successive space levels of master universe constitute the major divisions of pervaded space –total creation, organized and partially inhabited, or yet to be organized and inhabited. Master Universe consists of a series of elliptical space levels, alternating with zones of relative quiescence. Matter and energy ever whirl, always swinging onward in the track of the great space circuits, fig 4.

Fig.4. Six space levels of Master Universe

Proceeding outward from Paradise through the horizontal extension of pervaded space, the master universe is existent in six concentric ellipses, the space levels encircling the central Isle:

1.    The Central Universe – Havona.
2.    The Seven Superuniverses
3.    The First Outer Space Level.
4.    The Second Outer Space Level.
5.    The Third Outer Space Level.
6.    The Fourth and Outermost Space Level.

All six space levels with its energies organized into the matter of cosmic bodies, or yet unorganized, perform a circular motion around Paradise. Motion at each level is opposite to adjoining level. Havona, the Central Universe, swings clockwise; the seven superuniverses, counterclockwise; first outer space level, clockwise, and so on, as depicted in figure 4.

The Central Universe, Havona, was created directly by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son; there is no record of its creation, p 152. This universe is perfect both in its physical construction and in the creation of its spirit beings --perfect beings, who does not need to evolve. Havona forms a vast plane and has a billion (109) inhabited planets, which do not require any sun for its heating, fig 5.

The one billion worlds in Havona are arranged in seven concentric circles, which immediately surround the three rings of twenty one satellites of Paradise. There are upwards of thirty-five million worlds (35.106) in the innermost Havona circuit, the first circuit, and over two hundred and forty-five million (245.106) in the outermost, the seventh circuit.

Fig.5. Havona, the Central Universe
The world numbers increase proportionately from innermost to outermost circuit, each containing thirty-five million worlds (35.106) more than previous one. The Havona planetary rings are not superimposed. Havona whirls clockwise around the stationary Isle of Paradise in one vast plane.

From a physical point of view, the Havona and the Paradise circuits are all one and the same system; their separation is in recognition of functional and administrative segregation. The multitudinous dark masses surrounding Havona, the Central Universe, in two elliptical rings are quite unlike black holes. These gravity bodies neither reflect nor absorb light; they are nonreactive to physical-energy light, and they completely encircle and enshroud Havona as to hide it from the view of even near-by inhabited universes in next space level. The inner belt of dark bodies revolves counterclockwise; the outer revolves clockwise. These alternate directions of motion, coupled with the extraordinary mass of dark bodies, so effectively equalize the lines of Havona gravity as to render the central universe a physically balanced and perfectly stabilized creation, p 153.

The inner belt of dark gravity bodies is tubular in arrangement. The outer circuit of tremendous gravity dark bodies is arrange perpendicularly, being ten thousand times higher (104) than the inner circuit. The longitudinal diameter of the outer circuit of dark bodies is fifty thousand times (50.103) that of the traverse diameter. The life and activities of perfects beings in Paradise and Central Universe are beyond human mind comprehension.

Outside Central Universe, in the first post-Havona space level, there are the Seven Superuniverses of time and space, fig 6. Early in the materialization of universe creation the sevenfold scheme of the superuniverse organization and government was formulated. The first port-Havona creation was divided into seven stupendous segments, which were called superuniverses. Superuniverse headquarters architectural worlds were designed and constructed first. Paradise, the central universe of Havona, and the seven superuniverses make up the Grand Universe. The Grand Universe together with the four outer space levels are designed as the Master Universe, fig 4. The present scheme of administration has existed from near eternity, and the rulers of these seven superuniverses are rightly called Ancients of Days.

Fig.6. Seven Superuniverses of time and space.

The seven superuniverses traverse a great ellipse, a gigantic and elongated circle, pursuing a counterclockwise course under Paradise absolute gravity. The seven superuniverses present location is shown in figure 6, description thereof is revealed at page 165. Our planet, Earth-Urantia, is in the seventh superuniverse, called Orvonton. Each superuniverse has one hundred thousand local universes. Our local universe is called Nebadon from our Creator Son of the Universal Father, Michael of Nebadon, who created our local universe.

The seven superuniverses were planned by the Architects of Paradise and built in stages from cosmic center outwards. Space taken up by the seven superuniverses is huge and their construction is not yet completed, p. 467.

The creation of the universes of time and space is so intricate that cannot be calculated even using modern mathematics. Neither contemporary physics can account for the emergence of cosmic bodies, such as suns, planets, black holes, etc, because it ignores universe energies through which primitive elementary particles materialize, which in turn lead to the formation of matter and celestial bodies.

The celestial commission assigned to reveal the Urantia Book writings decided to use some terms from earthly physics in order for them roughly to explain the formation of universe. This celestial commission uses these terms since through them there arises in human mind a certain comprehension of cosmic concepts, enabling it to understand the divine creation methods. Physical creation celestial processes are extremely complex and remain unknown to present sciences, such us physics, astronomy, and cosmology; in spite of that, the Urantia Book says that it is possible to explain universe creation to human mind to a fairly suitable comprehension level.

The Seven Superuniverses are designed as universes of time and space, for they were created by the so-called time-space technique. A Mighty Messenger explains us processes of this method, which are very intricate Paradise phenomena, and the comprehension of which requires introducing some cosmic concepts, p. 469. The new concepts introduced by The Urantia Book in order to explain such a technique are:

1.    ABSOLUTA or Space Potency: This is a cosmic prereality; it is the domain of the Unqualified Absolute. The phenomena springing out from Nether Paradise embrace three zones of “absolute or primordial force” presence and operation. These three zones appear as three concentric circles of cosmic reality. Space potency, ABSOLUTA, is modified by special beings called Primary Force Organizers. In order for a local universe to be created, cosmic space must become “ready”. In this area of the universe, and under the Paradise phenomena, there arises the SPACE POTENCY or ABSOLUTA, which later becomes Universe Power, p.469.
2.    SEGREGATA or Primordial Force: This represents the first basic change in space potency, ABSOLUTA. Primary Force Organizers activate space potency into primordial force, which in turn is able to react to the initial motion activated by the Universal Father, p. 329.

3.    ULTIMATA or Emergent Energies:
Primordial force passes through two stages of transmutation before emerging as universe power. These two stages are designated puissant energy and gravity energy.

a) Puissant energy: This is a powerful-directional, mighty-tensioned energy, which Primary Force Organizers set in forcible motion. This energy is not at first responsive to Paradise-gravity pull, but through the manipulations of Primary Force Organizers, this energy begins to transform itself, and increasingly appears the initial response to Paradise-gravity. From this moment on, energy manipulation is transferred to another special beings, the so-called Transcendental Force Organizers.

b) Gravity energy: This energy form is responsive to Paradise absolute circular gravity pull, and holds the universe power potential, from which all cosmic matter arises. The Transcendental Force Organizers keep on changing the energy, and quickly transmute puissant energy into gravity energy, which begins circularly swinging around Paradise. Moreover, this energy phase begins to exhibit certain responsiveness to linear gravity characteristic of cosmic matter. These puissant and gravity phases of energy are called ULTIMATA, p. 470.

4.    GRAVITA or Universe Power :
This is a stage of the energy transmutation where begin to act the Universe Power Directors, who manipulate ULTIMATA into another estate called GRAVITA or universe power. Directors ripen this power to that point where Gravita can be directed into distributing channels. Gravita is existent in thirty phases of energy.

Apart from Universe Power Directors, there are other living and semi-living entities, who manipulate different energy phases; they are: Power Centers, and Physical Controllers, the later knowing how to handle antigravity. Living entities are difficult-to-understand beings; some of them do not have will, do not choose, but their functions are highly intelligent though automatic; they are highly specialized beings, p. 471, p. 320.

The last Paradise energy transformation phase, i.e. Universe Power, serves to the manifold Creator’s purposes, and is used in the seven superuniverses creation, and in the creation of physical bodies of outer space. Space potency and primordial force metamorphosis are the secret of Force Organicers and Universe Power Directors, and such a secret is revealed to nobody, not even to Paradise-origin beings as Mighty Messengers. Neither is the handling of Paradise energy comprehensible to high order beings. Beings of Melchisedek order denominated this phenomenon as “infinities of divinity”, p 471.

Apart from universal power, there are in the cosmos other orders of energy, which operate at diverse space levels; for example, Havona energy is totally different from space potency and primordial force. Havona is a material universe, but the matter of central universe is totally different from the matter we know.
In Upper Paradise there operates a transcendental energy denominated TRANOSTA. Divinity energy, a Paradise living energy, is denominated MONOTA, p 471.

On morontia worlds operates an entirely different energy called Morontia Energy, being so diverse that each sphere has its own class of such an energy. On architectural planets, plant and animal life, and the bodies of beings were created with such an energy class, p 543.

Orvonton, the seventh superuniverse, has a hundred thousand local universes. Our local universe, Nebadon, is not yet completed, is still under construction. Eventually every local universe will have ten million inhabited planets; Nebadon is now in possession of three million eight hundred forty thousand inhabited planets, being the rest under construction, or in the making.

Creation of a local universe can be divided in two stages: first stage is in connection to physical creation of space bodies; and second, to creation of living beings, who can be in existence in spirit, morontia, or material status.

In order to physically create a local universe in a certain space, Primary Force Organizers begin the origination of nebulae. Such beings are able around them to star up those primordial force huge cyclones, which once initiated can never been halted or restricted. Inside nebulae these special beings carry out the following substance-energy transformations:


Out of universe power, GRAVITA, materializes ultimaton, the first particle, which is the foundation of all elementary particles, and universe matter. This particle, the ultimatón, is unknown on earth; according to The Urantia Book, an electron consists of a hundred ultimatons, p 476. Power Directors carry out universe power materialization and matter emergence through the following process:

Every such process is carried out by Power Directors inside nebulae, which can exhibit diverse shapes. Nebulae undergo extremely high temperatures, big pressures, and very high energy revolution rates. Force Organizers function inside nebulae, and Universe Power Directors catalyze this energy, that is, they carry out by their presence, segmentation, energy organization in phases, and subsequently its materialization. That entails that there is something inherent in energy thus to function in the presence of these power entities, p 319.

Suns, planets, black holes, comets, and other space bodies originate in nebulae wheels. Nebulae pass through different maturing stages, and alter their shape. Materialization of emergent energy, and sun birth is carry out inside nebulae, p 169.

At first nebula development stage, the shape is circular, and it can be some wider in its center, but nebula forms a vast plane, fig 7. At second stage, the nebula shape becomes helical, as shown in figure 8.
 Fig. 7. Nebula 
  Fig. 8.Cat Eye nebula.  Second development stage

At third development stage, nebula begins to disgorge suns by its two tangential sides, as shown in figure 9. Such young suns quickly become spherical, and start out on their course as the stars of space. Their orbits are little by little settled, being determined by their path of escape, and by linear gravity of nearby space bodies, p 169, p 652.
Fig. 9. Third development stage    
Fig. 10. Fourth development stage

At fourth stage, nebula enters the second and last cycle of sun dispersion, with the mother nucleus becoming either a globular cluster or a gigantic sun functioning as the center of a terminal solar system, fig. 10. In such an estate is now Magellanic Cloud, fig 11, which is near the outer margins of Orvonton, p 170.

Fig. 11 Magellanic Cloud

Between nebula development stages go some billion years. Nebulae periodically expand and contract in million year periods. As they contract revolution rate increases, and as they expand revolution rate decreases, p 653.

The Urantia Book describes the emergence of our solar system, called Monmatia. This system originates in the vast Andronover nebula, which inception was 875.000.000.000 years ago. Our sun is a product of this nebula, p 652.

4.500.000.000 years ago the enormous Angona system began its approach to the neighborhood of this solitary sun. The center of this great system was a dark giant of space, solid, highly charged, and possessing tremendous gravity pull, p 655.

At moments of maximum expansion of our sun, under the strong gravity pull of Angona, streams of gaseous material were shot out into space as gigantic solar tongues. Such gas emanations detached at certain points from the sun, forming independent bodies, which assumed a spherical shape, and immediately started to revolve about the sun in elliptical orbits. Thus most of our solar system planets were formed. Moreover, another three planets were detached from the Angona system because of our sun gravity pull, and they become satellites of Jupiter and Saturn. This is the reason why their orbital swings are in opposite directions to the other satellites, p 656.

The total number of suns thrown out by Andronover nebula is 1.013.629, p 655. This nebula passed through same metamorphoses now seen by our astronomers as they turn their telescopes spaceward and observe gigantic nebulae in different shapes. Every space body, excepting architectural spheres, has had this evolutionary origin in the respects that have not been made by fiat of God.

Many architectural spheres have been built throughout the cosmos, using special techniques unknown on earth. Such planets are the superuniverse, major and minor sectors, local universes, constellations, and system headquarters. Architectural headquarters regulate universe power into their respective sectors, balance and control Gravita circulating through organized space, and they are planets where a lot of celestial beings, unknown on earth, are living.

Architectural spheres are lighted by a sun, emitting light without heat, and they are heated by certain energy currents near the surface of the sphere. P 174. Architectural headquarters are located near the astronomical center of their administrative division, and are surrounded by many satellites, which are as well architectonical spheres. In the seven superuniverses, it is planned to reach to five hundred billion (500 X 109) such worlds.
According to The Urantia Book, Milky Way, our galaxy, is composed of vast numbers of former nebulae. Our neighboring galaxy, Andromeda, fig 12, is outside Orvonton boundaries, and is now forming many suns, which numbers can be as large as a hundred million. Andromeda light, which we behold from earth, left those stars a million years ago, that is, when the first human being was born on our planet, p 170.

Our Satania system headquarters is Jerusem, which seems to be in Orion cluster, fig 13. The star cloud of Sagittarius is the center of our minor sector, fig 14, p 168.

   Fig. 12 Andromeda galaxy       Fig. 13 Orion cluster

Fig. 14 Sagittarius cluster
The Urantia Book is a path toward human evolution, and it is our privilege to be able to learn its teachings. The book’s knowledge is so valuable as to afford human mind progress, and also, through a spiritual evolution path, soul progress. The Urantia Book says: “The spiritually blind individual who logically follows scientific dictation, social usage, and religious dogma stand in grave danger of sacrificing his moral freedom and losing his spiritual liberty. Such a soul is destined to become an intellectual parrot, a social automaton, and a slave to religious authority.” p 1458.


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