The main events in the European countries

between 2010 and 2018




Transformation caused by the Colliders functioning will first take place in the area above the surface of the Collider. Medical staff of the Collider will face a problem of mental disorders and physical diseases of their personnel. The population of the area will have a similar impact. Switzerland will face an increase of mental and somatic diseases. There will appear first zones of abnormal physics. These zones will be characterized by the distortion of physical laws.

Examples: On April, 18, 2010 in a village of Knos, in one of the cantons of Switzerland, there will emerge a zone of abnormal physical laws of about 5 km in diameter. This zone will be characterized by a change of electrons and protons charge, as well as by partial destruction of atomic nuclei. The outward physical characteristics will be such as: total annihilation of organic structures of the area and mutation of self-organizing structures present in the zone for more than 4.5 seconds. The surface of the zone will look like a waste ground covered by metallized powder, since a change of a charge brings about a loss of structure of organic chains, which will be substituted by minerals, that will emerge with charge of potentials.

Apart from this on July 4, 2010, two kilometers away from Geneva on the lake of Geneva there will appear a zone of antigravity with an area of 15 square centimeters. This zone will be moving and within a week, it will throw out four million cubic maters of the water into the outer space, which will lead to a fast shallowing of the lake. The zone will exist for 5 days. The lakes ecology will suffer an unrecoverable damage which wont be restored. Animals, birds making up the lakes ecosystem will either become extinct or join other ecosystems, finding in them their place. Later Human Race will manage to create an artificial lake, but it will never restore the signs of the natural one.

Social processes on the territory of Switzerland will be destabilized. After the negative impact of the Colliders activity is evident, people of Switzerland will demand help from their government and the European Union government in order to resolve the situation. By that time 20% of the population of the country will be suffering from unknown lethal diseases. The peculiarity of these diseases will be that they will be brand knew, thus leaving no chance to diagnosing them, and no medical treatment will be possible.

372,000 people will die of these diseases during 2010 on the territory of Switzerland. Another 520,000 will suffer from a pathological transformation of body organs, which means a negative mutation.

About 200,000 will undergo a positive mutation, which means that their body functions will not suffer at all, or will be upgraded. Anyway in both cases genetic types will go through a cardinal change.

About 40% of the population of Switzerland will be officially recognized as suffering from mental disorders. Mental disorders will be caused by somatic changes of the cortex as a result of continuous mutations, as well as natural protective reactions in a situation of instability. But despite the abnormal physical phenomena and antigravity zones, no clashes will take place in Switzerland caused by the functioning of the Collider.

The governments of Switzerland and the European Union will explain the phenomena by an increase of solar radiation caused by a change of its electromagnetic activity.




In 2010 France suffered considerable social and economic losses caused by the Colliders functioning. Being part of the zone of deformation of matrix structures, France witnessed the formation of 12 zones of abnormal physics and 4 antigravity zones in 2010.

This caused some major mutations, but the impact differed from race to race. Black Race, representing a less genetic resistant type suffered mass mutation. The dynamics of Marseilles social events can be an example. About 60% of the city residents came from French African colonies. There are representatives of Black race, as well as people whose genetic type is a more complicated one, including few races.

Statistics of mutagenic changes states that the quantity of the mutated persons among the representatives of the Black Race is 86 %. Among the representatives of a mixed genetic type, lets call them Algerians, to make it simple, is 68%.

Mutations will differ from these in Switzerland, both of pathogenic and normalizing character.

Mutations are practically changes of functions and structure of the outer and inner organs of human body. From the point of view of mutagenic process, all these mutations envisaged a change of DNA code of various organs which may not coincide with DNA of an individual.

The peculiarity lies in the fact, that the information on individuals structure contained in desoxyribonucleic acid differs a little; and in the organs of the body it contains information on the structure of that particular organ. Thus mutation factors leading to changes in the structure of a specialized DNA can cause alienability of body organs due to lack of coincidence of amino acids in the main DNA chains.

The Colliders functioning had an impact on various spheres of society functioning including such an important aspect to current level of human civilization, as the system of communications and information. The emerged on 12th of May zone of abnormal physics had led to a total de-energization of Paris Stock Exchange, thus disconnecting the information system of various financial bodies including the National Bank and other leading banks. It is due to the fact that the abnormal zone had specific characteristics, such as absence of directed movement of electrons, impossibility to obtain information, instant recoding of structures which is explained by the absence of two basic elements of Matter. The consequences were pretty bad. French economy suffered considerably. The absence of communication among the leading banks of the country blocked a possibility of economic agreements. As a result, economic losses in France were equal to 50 billion Euros. The crisis was not over by the end of the period described.

Social consequences were also very negative. The abrupt fall of family incomes, bankruptcy of a few large enterprises followed by high level of unemployment rates led to social clashes. Economic instability and high level of mutation changes brought about ethnic clashes.

As described above, different races reacted differently to an increased mutagenic activity and apart from economic inequality there was a physiological one. A high percentage of the mutated, being part of the poorest and most mutated layer of society Black Algerians became aware of their helpless situation and tried to get property from others by force. The representatives of these races were not sure in their future. The growing percentage of mutations led to evoking animal memory. In the middle of July 2010 mass robberies of rich housing estates took place in many French cities. 500,000 died in clashes in 300 days. The attacking side suffered more losses, since they were aware of the irreversibility of the mutation changes and most part of them didnt care about their lives.

A small percentage of Black Algerians underwent medical research but however most part of the mutated was not registered.

All this caused the fact, that there appeared a lot of sick people and cripples in groups of society, which were the poorest and the most amenable to superstition. Cultural level, proper to this group of people, allowed an opinion, that all this was an appearance of Gods judgment to gain a foothold; more rational-thinking individuals thought of a planned liquidation of unwanted people.

A reaction to this situation very soon caused a clash between rich French citizenships and emigrants from Africa and Algeria. The appearing street fights redounded panics, which was reinforced with economical crisis. The attempts finally to square the clashes by police and army forces led only to more severe clashes and armed conflicts.

Those clashes appeared in the beginning of June and by the end of September the French government managed to stabilize the situation. Marseille was the city in which xenophobia was displayed mostly, that is why data of this city is given in this article. 40,000 people died in the clashes, 15 quarters of the city were burnt up. The overall damage was 24,000,000 Euros. Functioning of industry and seaport functioning were blocked because of the clashes; that resulted additional losses. In general, almost in every French city, population of which exceeded 100,000 people, there were clashes. During the indicated period of time France suffered notable losses in economics as well as in human resources. The losses connected with mass clashes were equal to 150 billion Euros. 200,000 people died.

Also airports and international ports functioning was blocked. As well, it was connected with zones of abnormal physics appearance. One of such zones from May to November was located on the territory of Charles de Gaulle International Airport. This zone occupied an area of 4 square kilometers. A feature of this zone was 4 times increasing of specific molecule mass in compare to the norm of Planet Earth. That resulted inability of transports movement because of disturbance of main parameters of matters physical structure. Peoples and animals existence within this zone of abnormal physics caused their death, because protein structures were not able to exist in conditions of such specific gravity. Visually, living organisms turned into the equal by volume colloid substratum. Mechanic devices smashed into separate elements and underwent a number of irreversible changes.

The rest zones did not have those much notable effects.

The first zone of stable antigravity was a zone, located two kilometers away from Grasse. Like every antigravity zone, it had a look of a site torn out from the context of the planet. This zone appeared in April on the place of violets plantation, planted for transformation of perfume composition. The indicated site, with an area of 50 square meters, during several minutes was transported into interplanetary space. The antigravity area existed for three hours and thirty minutes. During this time there appeared a crater in the Earth four kilometers deep.

After finishing effect of antigravity, the tectonic processes lessened the craters depth to two and a half kilometers under the zone. But the ecology of this area suffered notably.

The second antigravity zone appeared on June, 25 in Lyon. The size of the zone was 3 square meters. It existed for two minutes and thirty seconds. Its impact was similar to the zone of Grasse city, but the aftereffect was much more notable.

An appearance within the city a zone of stable antigravity caused disturbance of the whole city intercommunicating system. Despite a small size of the area of effect, water-, electricity- and gas-supply systems were broken. The antigravity zone formed a crater 750 meters deep on a pavement. After disappearing of the zone, there happened a strong gas explosion, which destroyed 25 residential quarters of the city. That was explained by the fact that gas which filled the crater, detonated making an effect of Richter magnitude 4 earthquake.

The next zone of stable antigravity practically left unnoted, because it existed for 2.5 hours on Riviera coast. To the surface of Earth atmosphere there were thrown out 400.000 cubic meters of sea water with different living organisms and microorganisms. Those who were observing this appearance called it a tornado.

The last zone of stable antigravity also was not discovered, as its area was 2 square centimeters, and it was located in the French Alps. It caused an appearance of a cave two kilometers deep, but it had an extremely small diameter.



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