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The Collider

  Chaos Beginning on Planet Earth


A Collider is a device, built by Human Race, and the following countries participated in its creation: Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Finland, France, Czech, Sweden, Switzerland. Today their quantity increased to 20. There are such countries as Russia, China, USA and Japan, which are not members of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, but they participated in creation of the Collider.

Primarily it was considered to use the Collider in research goals, but a number of countries Switzerland, Belgium, France and Spain paid for construction of this device with an aim of getting super new, powerful weapon by collision of elementary particles. From their point of view the collision of elementary particles might produce, according to calculation, local black holes, zones of antimatter. But the science of Human Race is at a poor level of development and understanding the point that the elementary particles even such small as Clarks consist of many levels of matter.

Data of the Worlds structure known by Human Race is incomplete, that is why this is the way of realization an effort to create an absolute generator on the basis of formula, discovered about one hundred years ago the formula of Einstein E=mc?. This understanding of the Worlds physical laws involves creation with a help of the Collider, infinite generator, and creation zones with increased concentration of energy, annihilating everything that got into the area of effect. Thus, there is an absolute generator and an absolute weapon, which is able to absorb and turn into energy everything that got into the area of effect. The creation of the Collider is the first step in research of such consistent patterns.

While creating this device the scholars of Human Race have no idea of possibility to achieve high speeds by collision of elementary particles. The highest speed declared in the scientific experiment does not exceed an ordinary speed of electrons at external orbit of lithium atom, 2,31016 this is one third of light velocity.

But during the experiment, by collision of two protons there will be their splitting into minims, which will start rotating the Colliders circle with acceleration. In created conditions of ideal inertia, these minims will achieve speed, which is several times more than the maximum velocity of light, and that might result collision of free minims, (we will call them Moam minims for the convenience, as they are 110?? less than Mazon particles).

These Moam minims are elements of matter, which include from three to six blocks of Quark. (Here it is to understand quarks in irregular for Human Race understanding). This collision will cause splitting of structures and Quark blocks breaking. This will cause defection of quark matter and deformation of all variants of matter.

The effects are particularly described in this material, and more detailed in the book. It is to be noticed, that the collision of the Moam minims will happen accidentally, as the scholars of Human Race are not able to commit their presence.

The beginning of functioning of this device, experiments on collision of different elementary particles will cause a number of planet disasters, because the collision of such items as electrons at a speed of several thousands light years will cause defection of structure in matter forming Planet Earth.

These changes will not happen immediately, as a certain period of time, (about a month or two) the matter will keep its structure, but the increasing number of experiments will result a quantity excess of matter stabilitys level.

All the four kinds of Matrix matter (Quant, Quark, Lang, and Jong matters) will undergo functional changes. This will cause a number of disorders at all levels of matter organization. The level of elementary structures will affect a number of physical anomalies.

For example, there will disappear a concept of ocean waves inertia, periodically the schedule of tides will be broken. Zones of antigravity will appear on surface of the planet. A zone of antigravity will exist from 5 to 24 hours. This is a multi-polar appearance and it will cause a number of natural anomalies.

For example, free access of cosmic radiation is possible in the zones of antigravity, which are to appear. In its turn this will be the reason of destruction and mutation of everything that exist within the zone. Such zones will be of small size from a meter with a half to two meters. Simultaneously, an appearance of four million of such straying zones is possible on the surface of the planet. The Central and Southern Europe will be the most harmed zone.

Zones of antigravity are able to cause seismic active zones; they can cause outbreaks of gases and volcanos eruptions. The first such event will happen in Mexico. It will result death of 40 thousand people. These zones will also cause gales and storms, rock solids breaking and slumps.

The representatives of Human Race will not connect a number of facts of inanimate nature with the experiments being conducted. The appearance of zones of antigravity will be known to alien races, residing on Planet Earth, but their knowledge will not be enough to eliminate the aftereffect. There are no races in this Galaxy able to correct matrix changes of matter.

Apart from this, the destruction of matter structure will cause an activation of elements of Dark and Reality matter. A number of objects, existing, in a manner of saying, on the other side of Human Races existence, will become tangible, hereby the most active elements will be the elements with dominance of Irreality and Light, i.e. oriented aggressive. These elements will influence the Irreal compound of Human Race. There will be a number of spontaneous murders, suicides, an epidemic of mental affections, and also thousands of sudden and unexpected deaths.

In general, the experiments conducted will affect the stability of all kinds of matter existing on Planet Earth strongly.

This will be concluded by 2016 after a self-destruction of the Collider device. By collision of Clarks and many levels of matter, of which they consist, an appearance of antimatter zone will take place, and the device will disappear. On the place of the object, there will be emptiness in the Earth. It will be impossible to be within this emptiness because of the zones of antimatter, appearing spontaneously. In 100 years this region will become safe.

The structure of matter on Planet Earth will be affected gravely. The antigravity zones and zones of abnormal physics will continue to appear even after the destruction of the Collider. Life of the Ocean will be affected. Under the impact of cosmic radiation, a number of sea animals will mutate into varieties, impermissible for industrial use and lethally dangerous.

The disturbance of streams and tides schedule will make the weather on Planet Earth unpredictable. The inshore area, directly dependent on tides schedule, will be abandoned, as the water will either stay for months at the highest point, or the ebbs, lasting for months, will kill all the animals in the inshore area. Usually, these are the areas in the water, filled with life, but the long ebb, lasting for many days, will kill all the small animals in the clay or sand.

The humanity will face a threat of famine. The appearance of the zones of abnormal physics will block the processing of many electrical stations of different types of functioning. The broadcasting will be hampered to the limit, as the zones of abnormal physics and the antigravity zones will cause distortion and escape of signal.

Human Race will become tender to many diseases, as the zones of abnormal physics will cause changes in body functioning. A percent of non-adaptive mutations will increase among Human Race, which is connected with specifications of the zones of abnormal physics and antigravity zones.

An impact of cosmic radiation in combine with changes in functioning of bodys physical parameters of Human Race will cause many awful mutations. The victims of these mutations will be unable to survive in normal conditions.

The zone of abnormal physics is a result of disturbance of matter structure. In general, the whole matter, of which Planet Earth is composed, will function abnormally, but its demonstrations will be local. On Planet Earth there will appear about five thousand places with intensive changes of physical laws. The zone of abnormal physics can exits from five years to infinity.

During starting the Collider, an aim will be placed: the collision of two protons at the limit speed. When collided, the protons will change their structure and each of them will split into thousands of minim particles composing them. Only an external collision and the energy exuded will be recorded. The scholars of Planet Earth will not be able to monitor the quantity and mass of the Moam minims released. While being in the Collider, these minims will start motion with increasing inertia, and during a month they will reach the speed of several thousand light years.

The mechanism of this process is as following: during the collision of protons the extracted Moam minims, mutually pushing off, will direct from the place of the collision with increasing acceleration and inertia of dense vacuum. The next collision of the minims will cause the further increasing of their acceleration. This process enhancing of inertia system, created inside the collider, will allow to reach super-light velocities.

Functioning of the Collider and its maintenance staff will not undergo changes until the Moam minims collide at the speed of 5.8 kilometers per second. The exceeding of this level of speed will result one more splitting to functional elements of matter, as the running protons in their most will consist of light matter. Quants will be formed, their collision at the constantly accelerating speeds will result a disturbance of light matter structure, forming the Colliders structure.

Such a complicated mechanism, which is Planet Earth formation, will be distorted at the Basic Matrix Level. The distortion of the structure of Quant matter will result changes in Quark matter, as well as it will affect Lang and Jong maters.

The gravity component of the Colliders functioning with the changes in matters parameters will also undergo a number of changes. The environment insulated from external effects, which is inside the Collider, will be disturb, and a number of fails will take place to the point of intensification as well as to the point of weakening of gravity lines, and that will cause the distortion of equipment factors. That is why the energy being released will not be committed. Zones of low gravity will result even more acceleration of elementary particles. And zones of high gravity will result heavy collisions and splitting of elementary particles into minims.

The Colliders staff will feel body changes only after disturbance of Matter Matrix. The first symptoms will be general indisposition, auditory and optical hallucinations. During a month after the disturbance of Matter Structure, among the staff there will start an epidemic of mental disorders. The most spread diagnosis will be schizophrenia and maniac depression lunacy. Together with mental diseases there will start changes inside their organs and somatic cells. That will be displayed in degeneration of healthy organs into malignant tumours, or basic changes of organs functioning. There will be noticed a hypertrophy of internal organs functioning.

For example, a spleen will be changed from organ of haemogenesis into an organ of accumulation and fixation of red corpuscles, which will result toxic anemia and death, because the blood will content minimum quantity of erythrocytes, being decreased four times per hour. Incompletely oxidized products of metabolism will destroy the body. Respiration will be blocked. Also hypertrophy of kidneys will result dehydration. A number of employees will suffer of gastric juice produced unlimitedly. This gastric juice will canker the internals.

Hypertrophy of lymphatic system will cause anaphylactic shock and death. There will be attempts to remove lethal patients from zone of the Colliders functioning, but mutations will be strong, and the diseases course will not change.

A zone of affection will be spread for an area of whole diameter of the Collider above the surface of the Collider. Everything which happens to be within the zone in the moment of matrixs change will undergo functional changes. These diseases will be connected with release of energy of proton collision, not noticed by monitors and not neutralized by the Colliders isolation. Thats why the experiments will continue for working out safer monitor isolation.

The Colliders impact on different systems of Planet Earth, which will affect planetary complex in general, will start in the beginning of 2010. It is by this time, when matrixs disorders in quantity equivalent will outgo a limit of local disorders, and the whole system of Planet Earth will undergo changes. Different functioning of windblasts and water flows, zones of low gravity, will cause disturbance of all biological systems, which depend on nature physical factors directly. Planet Earth will undergo a number of irreversible changes, which will change guise of flora and fauna. The irreversible changes will also take place in genotype of Human Race, changing randomly the chromosomal complex. The overwhelming majority will undergo direct and secondary mutations.  


The Relativity Theory is notably relative


           While creating the Collider the scholars took their stand at the formula of Einstein E=mc?. This formula is not correct, because it is built only on space study of Solar system, where density of energetic structures several times exceeds admissible ones in this Galaxy. This formula is only a local sample, and it is not valid within the whole Galaxy. Its validness sometimes is not verified even in conditions of Solar system.

For example: the formula of Einstein involves a direct relation of energy, mass and acceleration. A number of objects, which exist within an ecliptic area of Planet Earth: meteoric showers, comets of natural origin, as well as artificial satellites they all have minimum mass and negligible acceleration. But the energy released during motion of these objects is several times higher than it is calculated by the Einstein formula, as the formula of Einstein is implied and approved within conditions of Planet Earth, where the majority of everything that exist is filled with forms of life.

The relativity theory, which states a relation between the above mentioned values, has no place to exist within a frame of a base theory of cognition. The meaning of this theory is lost during intersidereal flights, as the spaceships, which have a notable mass and high acceleration, depreciate quicker than the analogue ships with lower acceleration.

The relativity theory is self-contradictory with a lack of parameters of matters volumes and gravity. Maximum approximated and reflecting peoples drive for cognition there can serve a formula of matters stability. It connects main parameters of existence in this Galaxy and the Creation. This formula, when reproduced in system of concepts of Planet Earth looks pretty ponderous. For more developed races of the Universe, the formula looks like this: energy is equal to a sum of matrix units multiplied by vector of gravity to distortion by time, as it considers different variants of matters structure. = /? ?? ?t

This formula reflects complicated structures which are not available for understanding by Human Race. The explanation and mathematical justification will occupy 4000 volumes of books 1000 pages each.

Human Race does not have level of knowledge to control these parameters. If being developed favorably, civilization of Planet Earth, Human Race will be able to approach understanding of basic parameters of matters stability theory in 4 000 000 years.

The relativity theory is just a brave assumption, which was required for development of civilization of Human Race. An importance of this theory is in its indirect allowing the science of Human Race, founding on consistent coincidence of conditions of the relativity theory and the phases of Solar system functioning, to develop. For Human Races development the relativity theory played a role similar to the one that alchemy played in the dark ages.

The formula of matters stability for Human Race is as follows: ratio of time is equal to a sum of matters decay relatively the original formula =?t/?

The formula of matters stability reflects a structure of mathematical constructions occupying 400 volumes of books 1000 pages each.

The theory of Einstein states that the time is a physical extent at the level of atom processes. But this is one of matter forming elements of the Creation. A concept which allows to improve the science of Human Race, mostly approached to our day level of Human Races knowledge, is as follows: energy is equal to time divided by mass in minus sixteenth degree =t/m16 

This formula is an abbreviate exposition of mathematical constructions structure, which occupies 250 volumes of books 1000 pages each.

A scheme of using of this formula is very simple, it is just necessary to have primary knowledge of necessary energy amount, and to learn how to accumulate it. At present day level of development, energy of electrical impulse is mostly used by Human Race, as all the other kinds of energy are not available for direct use. Energy transformation can allow to solve a number of important problems of Human Race.

A formula of the electrical impulse energys transforming could be delivered here, but for Human Races development it is required their proper discovery.

Schemes which allow to realize accumulation of the required energy, will be delivered in future works, which will be dedicated to solving a problem of energy crisis.


           An interrelationship of primary extents comes from this formula, and this interrelationship allows to discover access to unlimited source of energy. This will allow Human Race to avoid energy crisis in the future. There is also an understanding of time flow stability in this formula, which will allow scholars of Human Race to discover new perspectives of their Galaxy cognition.

Nowadays the scholars of Planet Earth consider all surrounding us matter to consist of 12 elementary bricks. But this is too much primitive understanding of the outward world.

Our Universe consists of 60 kinds of matter. According to properties of this Universe, as a Universe with extreme polarity, matters acquire poles conditionally and are correlative. Thus, there are poles of Quark and Quant matters.

Depending on its structure matter has only four base elements. They compose 17 blocks, which match Human Races understanding of bricks of matter. Each block consists of combinations of Quarks, Quants, Langs and Jongs. These four elements of base matter form the Universe.

Being in its pretty low level of development, Human Race has false understanding of bricks, constructing a framework of this Creations matter. The exploring objects are far too large comparably to true basic elements of matter, because they consist of their multi-billion clusters. That is why Human Race is far from possibility of operating with concepts of space and matter.

Formulas of space and matter do exist, but they are not resistible at this Level of Creation, as these concepts are primary and had never undergone scientific understanding.


Viruses mutation


           For viruses mutation description it is necessary to limit a circle of phenomena described. In this research paper we talk about two known at this moment of time for Human Race viruses, so called Chinese virus and a virus of Immune Deficiency.

Chinese virus mutation will happen under impact of the Colliders functioning, with levels of gravity instability, exceeding the norm. The virus will mutate in result of a number of internal changes lying in adding four nonallelic genes, responsible for the speediest reproduction of protein molecules. Due to this, the virus will acquire ability to extend fast, as it comes in the future article.

Thus, the Chinese virus will acquire a quality of virus of fast flue and it will become the most rapid and lethal virus of the viruses known to Human Race. Parallel mutations caused by disturbance of matter structure of Chinese virus and AIDS deserve special attendance, because under impact of antigravity zones and zones of abnormal physics, virus of AIDS will acquire quality of symbiotic connection with fast flue virus. Even under circumstances of matters normal functioning on Planet Earth, while combining two viruses, the result will be quick death. But in increased mutation conditions both viruses begin to affect by symbiotic ways, several times shortening the latent period and causing body death.

At simultaneous hit the symbiosis structure is as follows: virus of AIDS blocks immune system and with its help spores of fast flue virus spread in the body.

Together with that there will be mutation of many kinds of bacteria and viruses, known to Human Race, but none of these mutations will be that destroying for human organism, as well as it will affect the immune and central nerve system that much.


Basic Data on Chinese Virus


Enterovirus-71 was spread on the territory of China because of high possibility of its quick detection. This virus is completely artificial and it is created with an aim to express-diagnose organisms stability of Human Race. The creators of this virus are a race close to Human Race by their physical parameters, but their immune system is far more complete, that is why the virus, used as a tester for Human Race is lethal.

The virus scheme of action is as follows: when getting into an organism, the virus finds a site of replication, most tender for environments affection. An example can be high percent of lung and blood plasma diseases. Peculiarity of the virus lays in its harmful affection on an instable organ or the system. A human, having liability to special diseases, during a week undergoes all the phase of its formation and course.

For example, when having liability to lung disease the course of the disease will be reflected with high fever during 2 days and fast development of pathological process. During 7 days edemas and inflammations development is possible, although the latent period usually takes years. This is caused by the fact that enterovirus-71 finds accumulation of cells liable to abnormal development and starts to produce them in unlimited quantity, affecting the whole organism or the system.

Thus, to monitor the real quantity of the patients and virus-bearers is impossible, because part of the patients can not be classified as patients sicken with flue. As this virus automatically switches on chronic diseases, humans dying of asthma, heart attack, pathological disorders of digestive system and kidneys, cannot be classified as patients sicken with enterovirus-71 even by the best specialists. Only a number of lung diseases undergo such examination.

By opening the Olympic Games in Peking there were 159 000 virus-bearers. The virus is a very active form of life. The virus-bearer is able to infect to 50% of people surrounding, when contacting them for tree-four minutes as the maximum. The latent period of the virus is long and it is not limited in time. Mechanism of location, liability to abnormal cells development allows the virus to stay inside the human body for unlimited period of time. During the Olympic Games two million with a half became virus-bearers. The majority of them have this virus in latent phase. But they produce spores and infect other people.

Leaders of 80 countries with their families attended the Olympic Games. 83% of them became virus-bearers.


Main data on fast flue virus


This fast flue virus is an absolutely artificial one. In its form it is representing a classical group of viruses of respiratory infections. It mutated under the influence of the Collider. The structure of fast flue virus envisages its extremely fast reproduction. The virus will stimulate cells to reproduce themselves to secure the speediest reproduction of new virus molecules. To compare with other viruses, fast flue virus has a thousand times faster speed of reproduction, since the virus structure, apart from DNA molecules containing information on reproduction, also has enzymes stimulating a fast reproduction of protein chains of DNA molecules of the virus.

One of characteristic features of the fast flue virus is that infection can enter the body with food and things you touch. The virus is easily adapted to various kinds of environment and can live in the body even after its death for an unlimited period of time; on personal belongings within a month; in food for an unlimited period of time.

Unlike the common types of viruses, fast flue virus changes body cells completely. First the cells nucleus is transformed, then the whole cell goes through transformation consuming completely the recourses of amino acids and enzymes. The body works as a factory of reproduction of virus molecules. Non-specialized human cell can produce up to one million of fast flue viruses.

A number of specialized cells such as: blood cells, liver cells, kidney cells, lymph cells, internal and external secretion cells will be last attacked by the virus, since their structure implies a very fast exhaustion in reproduction of virus molecules.

The lymphatic system can resist most. Lymph cells possess a number of protective qualities, but phagocytes, instead of destroying the viruses ruin the lymphatic system. It is noteworthy to say, that the interrelation between fast flue virus and AIDS syndrome leads to an extremely fast destruction of the body since the protective functions of the body, now being helpless, have been initially ruined by AIDS.

The attack on Lymphatic system caused by fast flue virus would lead to general fever to result in infecting the nervous system and brain, in the loss of conscious activity. Brain cells will be destroyed very fast, since by that time somatic cells will produce a countless number of viruses ready to replicate.

Thus the brain cells will be subject to multiple attacks, having no protection in view. Unlike somatic cells, brain cells have very little amino acids and enzymes needed for the replication. This is why the viruses penetration into the cell leads to its complete blocking, since its maximum productivity is 300-400 viruses. As a result, the cell is totally not functional. The process takes a few seconds. The whole nervous system is ruined within an hour. The destruction of the lymphatic system and the brain can be considered the final phase of the disease, since the functioning of the body stops with the death of the brain.

Fast flue virus can enter the body with food or with air. Virus spores are extremely resistant. They are modified for fast spreading and complete transformation of body cells. Unlike natural viruses, fast flue virus is unlikely to look for symbiosis, but just for destruction. Thus, as mentioned above, it has the program of total exhaustion of cells.

On entering the body, virus spores penetrate the cells of respiratory or digestive systems. That determines the speed of infection. In lungs the virus finds a better environment for its reproduction and blood flow transports it to the somatic cells of the whole body.

Digestive system; built up by smooth muscles is more protected against viruses penetration, but as compared to respiratory ways, infection period is less than six hours. In case of digestive system infection body temperature goes up and a number of protective reactions take place earlier than in case of infecting respiratory tracks.


Lets regard the development of the disease separately in both cases.


As mentioned above, in case of respiratory tracks infection the virus is transported by blood cells to body organs and tissues infecting them. The virus is reproducing itself in maximum numbers, exhausting the cells resources. In essence, the virus penetrating the body, leads it to death, since the infected organs stop functioning.

The usual course of disease is as follows: the lung infection brings about a cough and asthmatic jets. When the virus infects the whole body one feels muscular asthenia, gradual atrophy of muscle groups. It is proceeded by the irregular functioning of the body organs. First to suffer alongside with somatic cells are the kidney cells, liver cells and pancreas cells. It leads to destabilization of body systems. The smooth muscles are less subject to virus attacks since the virus successfully replicates itself in somatic cells, rich in amino acids and enzymes. This is why intestine stomach and heart function longer than other organs.

In this phase we see practically complete muscle atrophy while their volume remains unchanged. Practically regular work of the heart can be observed sometimes even in case of wast cerebral infection. Peristalsis is asynchronic. The infected endocrine glands supplying its products to intestine stop functioning which leads to spasms.

In case of respiratory infection virus is spread fast because it finds itself in a better environment, while in case of digestive system infection viruses spores need to find an access to somatic cells. This can be done in places of secretion of liver and pancreas. Moving up the secretion canals virus gets to endocrine glands and starts replicating itself there. Then it gets to conjunctive tissue and next to muscle tissue.

Somatic cells are infected in an avalanche way. Unlike respiratory infection, intestine infection has a certain center and is spread more slowly, nevertheless an access to kidneys and liver allows the virus to spread along the blood vessels and the infection is developing as in case of respiratory one with the same symptoms. Diagnosis differs only in the first clear pain sensations.

Respiratory infection is characterized by cough and dysfunction of the respiratory system. Digestive system infection by pains in the liver and pancreas, with further complete kidney dysfunction accompanied by muscle atrophy and intestine spasms.

At the initial phase of cerebral infection fainting. A totally infected body is a potential danger for non-infected people, since it consists exclusively of fast flue viruses. The disease results in a total infection of somatic cells by virus cells ready for further replication.

The scientists of Planet Earth have very little knowledge of human body.

Here are two examples for reference:

Innervation of organs is the totality of all the nervous tissues and fibers, responsible for sensitive and motor functions of the given organ. The signal can be sent either by the central nervous system or by spinal cord or by medulla. Nervous tissue of the organs is only part of the nervous system.

The scholars of Planet Earth have a very primitive knowledge of properties and structure of the nervous system equal to less than one percent of its real functioning. In order to describe the principles of the functioning of the nervous system of representatives of Human Race one will need to write a catalogue of 2000 volumes of books 1000 pages each.

For describing the nervous tissue using scientific notions of Planet Earth 240 pages will do. Further research will be done on Planet Earth. The information, I give to you will be a key transformation paradigm. Complete information can be contained in 3 thousand volumes of books 1000 pages each.

Chronic topical anemia is a term common for Human Race on biological level of understanding. It means a pathology of haemogenesis, when blood corpuscles are produced with programmed distortions. An example: red corpuscles are produced with molecular distorted haemoglobin, the valent bonds of which are unable to bind oxygen, but instead are tightly bound to incompletely oxidized oxygen in carbon monoxide.

Another example if the production of thrombocytes microphybrilum  of which forms spontaneous bonds, which result in embolism of big sections of blood vessels or even in total failure of haemogenesis. Leucocytes without phagocyte components can also occur. Topical anemia can bring about a change of ionic balance of blood plasma, when cations prevail.

One needs 400 volumes of books 1000 pages each to describe the above mentioned disease, since it involves all aspects of haemogenesis.

Life in protein form will face endangered. To bring protein form of life back to normal will require more information about the structure of this form of life. Virus structure includes, apart from DNA molecules, containing information on its reproduction, enzymes, stimulating fast reproduction of protein chains of virus DNA molecules. Virus spores are extremely resistant.

Information for the scholars of Human Race on fast flue virus will take a volume of 1000 pages, but this information will be needed only after discovering the vaccine against AIDS. Anti AIDS vaccine will be discovered 10 years after the emergence of fast flue virus.

This research can be done only after restoring life on Planet Earth. The planet will survive the crisis of 2018.

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